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Is Inflation Slowing Down From Higher Interest Rates?

Many people are wondering if the higher interest rates set by the Federal Reserve are slowing inflation. For nine months straight, the annual inflation rate has been decreasing. However, the...

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Housing Market Update May 2023

For years, home sellers were in complete control of the home-buying process. With a lack of inventory and strong demand from buyers, sellers could list nearly any price and find...

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Commodities Update: Lumber Prices and Oil Prices – June 2023

Commodity prices have been all over the place for the last few years due to the constant economic changes, from a pandemic to soaring inflation. With fears of a global...

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How Has Crypto Recovered from the Crash? The State of Crypto in 2023

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new technology, and many people are excited about its potential. However, crypto has experienced turbulent times in the past year after a meteoric rise. Major...

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How Much Did the Fed Raise Interest Rates in 2022?

Last month, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates again, the ninth consecutive increase since the Fed began raising rates in March 2022. While the full effects of the latest rate...

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Did You Get Your Inflation Relief Payments?

With inflation running high this past year, many people have felt the squeeze. The cost of the things we're purchasing continues to rise while, for many of us, our income...