Eric Rosenberg

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The Pre-Retirement Checklist

Planning for retirement can feel a bit like carefully threading a needle. You want to stop working young enough to enjoy your retirement while also stopping late enough that you...

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When Should You Take Out a Personal Loan?

A personal loan is a lump sum of money you can borrow from a financial institution and slowly repay with regular monthly payments plus interest. Most banks, credit unions, and...

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Why New Graduates Should Think About Retirement Now

There's no such thing as "too early" when saving for retirement. Some parents open Roth IRAs in their children's names when they're young to give their money as much time...

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Transitioning into Retirement: Financial Strategies for the Final Stretch

You're nearly there! You're nearing the age when you can finally stop working and enjoy some well-earned rest. But there are a few more steps you should take before officially...

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Loans 101: A Graduate's Guide to Taking Out and Paying Off Loans

Most of us understand the basics of loans already. You need a certain amount of money, so someone lends it to you, and you eventually pay them back with interest...

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Tips for Teaching Your Children About Money

Money is a foundational part of our lives. But it's also a subject many children are expected to understand intuitively just by watching their parents when they're young. The result...

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