Eric Solomon

Founder, The Human OS


Eric Solomon has been working at the intersection of psychology, brand building, and technology for over 20 years. He is the Founder of The Human OS, a consulting practice founded on the principle of building and installing what he calls Human Operating Systems™ for organizations, teams, and leaders. In technology, an OS is a basic foundation that allows for more complex tasks to happen. Without iOS, for example, an app can’t run. Similarly, a Human OS™ encodes how foundational elements of business—like purpose, vision, mission, values, personality, and positioning—propagate through all that we do, from internal behaviors, processes, and communication, to external messaging and real-world actions. Prior to founding his practice, Eric held executive marketing positions for some of the top brands in the world including YouTube, Spotify, Google, and Instagram. He entered the corporate world through the doors of academia, earning his Ph.D. in psychology prior to running research and brand strategy in award-winning agencies. Most recently, Eric has served as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer for a variety of companies—from new start-ups to established organizations. He is also a current Board Advisory member, an author, and a frequent public speaker. 

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