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When Time Management Can't Help

The concept of time management is often misunderstood and generally unsuccessful in minimizing overload and stress. Although the emphasis on efficiency is admirable — true overload is self-defeating and futile....

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Ways to Have Some Fun While in Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become a weekly or even daily affair for many professionals as firms have transitioned to entirely or partly remote work arrangements in the past several years. These...

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Meet Tech's Future With AI

“Zoom fatigue” refers to a mental overload that reduces productivity. Senior managers believe there is AI in the investment of meetings. The Stanford Virtual Human Interaction AI Lab studied the...

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Six Ways to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Organizations must improve their ability to have productive meetings to become more successful. How can managers help bring meetings with a better outcome? Meetings take up a lot of our...

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What You Can Learn From the Spring Equinox

Yesterday, March 20th, marked this year’s spring equinox for the northern hemisphere and is considered the first official spring day. However, the equinox acts as more than a calendar date...

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4 Recommendations for Teams in 2022

The mixed work model will likely be commonplace throughout 2022 and well into the future, so we may as well get used to it and learn to do it well....