Jonathan Brierre


Jonathan Brierre is an accomplished engineer, transformational coach and marketing strategist. He shares his expertise in personal development, branding and business growth strategies through his various initiatives.

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La creatividad no es solo algo con lo que naces — es una habilidad que puedes desarrollar. Aquí te explicamos cómo.

La creatividad es una habilidad vital para el éxito personal y empresarial, sin embargo, muchas personas luchan por cultivarla, o creen que no pueden. Aquí hay algunos pasos prácticos y principios para alinear tu mentalidad y emociones para mejorar tu potencial creativo.

Thought Leaders

Creativity Isn't Just Something You're Born With — It's a Skill You Can Develop. Here's How.

Creativity is a vital skill for personal and business success, yet many people struggle to nurture it — or they believe they can't. Here are some practical steps and principles to align your mindset and emotions to enhance your creative potential.


This Is the Framework You Need to Create a Brand Worth Your Customers' Loyalty and Make More Money Doing It

The first impression your customers will get of your business in this day and age is your website — so it needs to be created with intent. Here's how to use compelling storytelling on your website and one specific framework to capture their attention.

Social Media

6 Keys to Getting Featured on Local TV News — and How to Leverage Its Power

Consistent TV news features can boost your marketing efforts and position your brand as an industry leader. Securing airtime is mainly dependent on you focusing on local newsworthiness, media relationships and visual storytelling.


I Let My Ego Turn Me Into a Controlling Leader. Here's How I Reconditioned Myself and Learned to Let Go.

Many of us take the exhausting, brute-force approach to getting things done without ever knowing how to make things flow and unfold naturally in our favor. Use these tips to find a new perspective on leadership.

Thought Leaders

I Pitched 300 People a Day For 1 Year — and Learned This Impactful Entrepreneurial Lesson

After working myself to the bone pitching 300 people each day for one year, I came out of that experience as a new man — but surprisingly, an unhappier one. Here's what I learned.

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