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Be Grateful Your Business Isn't an Overnight Success

How to become the person you need to be and see sustainable business growth.

How to Develop Lifelong Clients

The too-often-overlooked art of customer retention (as opposed to acquisition) is pivotal to success in just about every business venture, and there are proven methods of honing it.

How to Create a Manifesto That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals in 2022 and Beyond

Once you've discovered your "why" and honed in on your passion, the real work can begin.

Best Digital-Marketing Spends for 2022

As an entrepreneur, digital marketing is absolutely essential for your business to succeed - especially in the early years and months when so many businesses fail.

Why Digital Marketing Is Just Like Dating

Don't expect to win on the very first ad or promotion; develop a relationship and get to know one another.

Take Your Video Campaign to the Next Level: A Starter Guide

From instructional cautionary tales to the essential '6 'E's', how to make your video-marketing efforts sing, and succeed.

It's All in Your Head: How to Shift Your Mindset for Serious Success

Regardless of how skilled you may be or how awesome a product or service is, it's your mindset that will make or break a business.

Being an Expert Isn't Enough. Be an Authority to Reach More People and Make More Money.

You need to become an expert in your field. But if you want your business or career to be hugely successful, you need to become an authority. What's the difference?

Stop Doing the Bare Minimum and Become an Expert to See Real Results

Many people -- no matter their profession -- do just enough to get by. But that mentality prevents true success.