Marc Diener

Growth Strategies

There for you

Getting help from a professional negotiator
Growth Strategies

Making a List

An agenda lets you negotiate with confidence.

The Flinch

One technique every deal-maker should master
Growth Strategies

You First

An opening move may make or break a deal--so step lightly.

Cover Me

How to spread the risk of a deal around

Up in Arms

Prepare for litigation with these weapons of mass discussion.
Growth Strategies

Say What?

Decipher common contract legalese.

Understanding Lawyers' Fees

Knowing how your lawyer tallies up your legal tab can help you negotiate a 'fee adjustment' that favors your wallet.
Growth Strategies

Just Zip It

A confidentiality agreement can give you the upper hand.

Head to Head

How to deal with difficult opponents

Speak Up

Hate to negotiate? That's still no excuse to avoid learning this skill.

Hangin' Tough

How to beef up your negotiating game
Growth Strategies

It'll Cost Ya

Know how your lawyer tallies up your legal tab.

Fair Share?

10 ways to know if you're getting an equal slice of the pie
Growth Strategies

Keep 'Em Coming

A deal that goes smoothly just might lead to future opportunities. Here's how to pave the way.
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