Moira Allen


Why You Should Hire a Translator

You say "tomato," they say "pomodoro"-and you need an interpreter.

Stuff Your Stocking

. . . with books to help you spread good cheer and healthy profit worldwide.

Here Comes The Bribe

Honesty isn't always the best policy abroad


It's sometimes the little things that are crucial in international business.

Got South Asia?

With big populations and wealth, South Asia does a business good.

Czech List

Doing business with Eastern Europe

Net the World

International Web users want to buy from your site--make it easy on 'em.

Beauty Is In The Eye

. . . of the importer. Here's how to find the strange and exotic and make a pretty penny at it

We Are the World

Think only gigantic corporations can take part in the global village? Not so. Even for homebased entrepreneurs, international markets are only a click away.

O Canada

Why it makes good sense to sell to the Great White North

Karma And Cash

With fair trade, you can make money and help stop inhumane labor practices.

Home Invasion

Before anyone crosses your threshold, make sure you know what you're in for. Learn how to hire right.

On Top Of The World

The Web can bring the world to your door - but your site had better be foreign-friendly.

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