Nichole L. Torres


Perking Up

Employee perks take on a whole new meaning in 2006.
Starting a Business

A Festive Focus

Turn your passion for a specific holiday into a thriving seasonal business by getting your timing right.

Post Graduate Work

Transitioning your college business into the world beyond graduation

Face Your Financials

Look your lender in the eye, and get what you need with this expert advice for funding your startup.
Take It From The Pros

Put Your Best Foot Forward

The do's and don'ts of creating a professional-looking logo

Transitioning From Offline to Online Selling

Taking your business onto eBay can be profitable, but heed an expert's advice on doing it right.

Finding the Perfect Product

This lucky entrepreneur found eBay success with a product he knew would always be in demand.

Game Plan

Before you roll the dice in the board-game market, learn some key rules.

Make Your Task List Disappear

Shrink your to-do list by maximizing every hour of your day.

Going Up?

Perfect your elevator pitch and you may find yourself on the rise.
Take It From The Pros

Branding Big, Even if You're Small

Your company may be small, but that doesn't mean you can't brand big.

Diary of a Startup: Part II

Showing great resilience, our young entrepreneur doesn't let unexpected obstacles derail her business plans.
Starting a Business

Just for You

Your startup can make customers smile if you let them design their own retail experiences.

Weird Ways

What's the wildest thing you've ever done to grab a client?

Leader of the Pack

Always the first to spot a trend on campus? Now be the first to profit from it, too.
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