Nichole L. Torres

Global Trade

Get the skinny on how you can start an international business in college.
Starting a Business

Keep It Up!

Need some motivation? Someone to show you the ropes? A business coach can help you push your startup to its limits.

Priced to Sell

Should your product's price point be its major selling point, too?

Tough Talk

Keep your cool and be heard in even the toughest conversations.

Staying Power

Why is Subway still on top? Because of its passionate and involved franchisees, says Subway founder Fred DeLuca.

Taking Sportswear to a New Level

Chic meets beach at this upscale fashion destination.

Making a Mint

Who knew millions could be found in such tiny packages?

A Beautiful Business

This entrepreneurial pair were inspired by celebs, and now they sell their specialty makeup to them.

A Strong Response

This direct-marketing team took the high road, and became young millionaires.

Making News

These hometown newspapers entrepreneurs have found their success in print.
Growth Strategies

What Office?

Going virtual might be just what your company needs to save cash, increase profits and expand.
Growth Strategies

License Your Way to Success

Is your business ready for the boost that comes from licensing?
Starting a Business

It's Who You Know

If you really know how to work your connections, a successful startup is less than 6 degrees away.

Close Quarters

You want to yell "Get your act together," but twentysomethings are facing more than you think.
Growth Strategies

In Good Time

Make the most of your precious minutes with a time-management system that works.
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