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Are Long-Term Bonds Right for You?

The 30-year bond has made a comeback, but individual investors might be better off picking bonds their own size.

Personal Finance

Should Your Heirs Work for Your Money?

Incentive trusts can get your heirs to jump through hoops for your money, but is one right for your family? Weigh the pros and cons.

Business News

Wrap It Up Right

Like your holiday packages, year-end finances are all about presentation--and planning.

Business News

Recipe for Disaster?

Recent storms serve as reminders to review your homeowners policy--or regret it later.

Money & Finance

Does Your Estate Plan Need a Disclaimer Provision?

Make sure your family gets what it needs by including a disclaimer provision in your estate plan.

Business News

Do the REIT Thing?

When it comes to returns on real estate, think long-term investment.

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