Scott Bernard Nelson


3 Financial Building Blocks

These financial planning basics will keep you on track for the future.

Doing Well By Doing Good

Giving money away can make financial sense, even for relatively young earners.

Number Crunchers

Online calculators help you play "what if" games with your finances.

Green Tech Grows Up

Is the grass getting greener for alternative energy investing?

One for All

When it comes to managing your money, you don't have to go it alone--social networking can help.

Between Peers

Could a new wave of social lending sites be a good place for your investment dollars?

Taking Stock

How will the economy affect your investments this year?

Escape the AMT Trap

The AMT is in limbo, but you don't have to be. Start planning now to avoid tax season surprises.

The Golden Rule

Recession worries? Look past the pot of gold and set your sights on commodities.

Take Control

Your business's finances are in good shape--but what about your own?

World View

As the dollar declines, set your sights on diversification.

Death Trap Ahead

Death bonds may sound like a good investment--but are they?

Is China a Stock Goldmine?

Olympics fever hits China--should your investments follow?

Written in the Polls

A crystal ball won't help you predict where the stock market is going, but the 2008 election may.

Wrap It Up

With a new rule that holds brokers to the same standards as financial planners, the wrap-account romance may be coming to an end.

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