Steph Wagner

Steph Wagner

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Steph Wagner is a private equity investor and a financial strategist focused on guiding women to financial independence.


How to Make Debt Work For You

Taking on debt comes down to its cost of capital and how you plan to use your borrowed funds.

How Business Deductions Could Keep You From Getting a Loan

Entrepreneurs looking to buy a home or take out a home equity line of credit may face some challenges.

Why You Should Keep Your Personal and Professional Finances Separate

It may be tempting to go all-in on your company, but it's better to play it safe.
Run a Better Business

How These Tax Tips Helped Me

One business owner's tax strategy is paying off.

How to Protect Your Company From Your Business Partner's Divorce

Make sure problems in one partner's personal life don't wreak professional havoc.
Tax Tips

Why You Should Ask for a Tax Extension

A tax extension does more than buy you time. It could be smart business.
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