Surruchi Joshi

Surruchi Joshi

Brand Head, Nut & Bowls

This serial entrepreneur is an ardent vegan who wishes to see people healthy, and nature in its pristine beauty. Nature is Surruchi Joshhi’s first love and she flaunts it everywhere; from conceptualising luxury weddings to promoting vegan food at Nut & Bowls. After completing MBA in Marketing from the International School of Business & Media, she started her entrepreneurial journey with the gala launch of Raas Luxury Weddings in 2013. Being a vegan activist for years, Surruchi always advocates plant-based food and condemns food habits which are not friendly to nature and animals inhabited to it. Later, to reinforce her mission, she joined Nut & Bowls, Delhi’s first 100 per cent vegan café and juice bar.

Now, along with Nikhil (founder and head chef of Nut & Bowls), Surruchi is leading a mission to spread awareness about the benefits of vegan food. The duo is inspiring people to choose a healthier, greener, and more compassionate lifestyle from Capital’s most promising vegan café – Nut & Bowls. Through awesome recipes at Nut & Bowls, Surruchi and Nikhil don’t only want to delight people with toothsome food but want to make them healthy with vegan goodies.

Surruchi is an experiential marketer with tremendous exposure to national and international markets, she has a knack to transform every challenge into a lucrative opportunity. The young vegan activist is also a certified Pilates instructor and karmic healer, a globetrotter, and a passionate designer with an extraordinary creative bent of mind. She always likes to build new concepts and bring them to life with utmost zeal and dedication.

The lady with refined tastes has an enormous penchant for novelties in creativities; Surruchi constantly strives for newness in her interests and activities; her creative soul cannot be captivated under rigid frameworks. That’s why she always comes up with unique ideas that flabbergast her valuable clientele. At Raas Luxury Weddings, the nifty wedding planner has realised the “Perfect-Wedding” dreams of many HNIs, Socialites, Bollywood celebs and stalwart politicians, and rewarded them with amazing experiences.

For Surruchi, perfection is the key to contentment! She is particularly good at organising things, be it management of events or people at work. Also, she believes that employees are her most valuable assets who help her deliver a fantastic customer experience. To Surruchi, happy staff means happier clients.


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