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3 Reasons Owning a Mathnasium Franchise Might be Perfect for You Take it from franchise owner Adana Elder and her husband, Don: Mathnasium empowers its owners to achieve success.


Adana Elder always knew she wanted to own her own business. After a 25-year stint in retail management, she was ready for something new. Elder grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so striking out on her own felt like a natural career progression for her. When it came to what she wanted her own business to look like, though, she wasn't exactly sure how it would take shape.

Almost serendipitously, Elder came across ads online for a franchise company called Mathnasium. "It seemed like a great idea to become a franchisee with Mathnasium, but we didn't have any centers in our area [Western Florida]," Elder explains. "Interestingly, we took a trip to central Florida, and on our drive home, we spotted a Mathnasium center."

At that moment, the ads Elder had seen had come to life for her and she grew excited. "I insisted that we pull over to take a look inside the center," she recalls. "At the time, my husband Don had no idea what was going on. He didn't know that I had been thinking about Mathnasium, but he was totally on board. After viewing the location and doing a lot of research the whole ride home, we decided that based on the merits, bringing a Mathnasium to the Pensacola area would be an amazing opportunity, not only for us but for the community we live in."

Since opening the doors of their first location in 2018, the Elders have been able to steadily grow their client base, and begin breaking ground for a second location, which is slated to open before the end of the year.

Now with several years of experience and perspective, the Elders share three reasons why working closely with Mathnasium has helped them become successful franchisees.

1. Dedication to community service.

In comparison to the number of literacy programs available to the public, very few programs are dedicated solely to solving innumeracy, Elder and her husband say. "Operating a Mathnasium gives you the opportunity to usefully brighten the days and lives of the community which you find yourself in. The curriculum is so strong, and it's incredible to see the impact that it has on everyone that walks through our doors," Elder says.

Owning a Mathnasium franchise also provides a unique opportunity to support local educators, further deepening the sense of community foundational to running a Mathnasium location. "The folks in the local school districts are amazing partners, and we are appreciative of all they do," Don says. "They have a significant number of challenges, but they don't always have the resources to address those challenges, and we feel so grateful that through Mathnasium, we can support them and our students in the community. We have been able to run "Math Nights' in the local schools, which not only help increase awareness and business for Mathnasium, but also provide educators with extracurricular support."

2. A wealth of resources.

Sometimes, franchise opportunities seem like a one-size-fits-all situation—you might open a location, yet the area where you open your business requires more nuance for getting people through the doors. The Elders believe that Mathnasium sets itself apart by providing you with custom-tailored support and resources to ensure your success. "Mathnasium has someone on staff that has worked through any issue or scenario that you might encounter as a franchisee, regardless of the market you're in, but the support that you can get wherever you are is outstanding," Don says.

From the research and data on the area you desire to open a location, to the marketing materials at your disposal, Mathnasium provides franchisees with the tools necessary to succeed as a business. "The guidance that we received from our startup specialist was invaluable, and we felt totally prepared and comfortable to operate our first center," Elder says. She and her husband also highly encourage Mathnasium prospects to attend the Mathnasium Headquarters' Discovery Days, where hopefuls can visit a center, meet staff, and can get their questions answered. "We left Discovery Day with so much knowledge, as well as the opportunity to put a face to a name for the people that have been helping us along the way," she says.

3. An inclusive business opportunity for franchisees of all experience levels.

Another exciting angle of Mathnasium, according to the Elders, is that you don't have to be a math expert to open a location. "You can be comfortable in your decision to open a Mathnasium because you get to hire the math experts to do that part of the job," Elder explains. "And corporate provides an excellent procedure through which you hire these experts."

While Mathnasium is a learning center, it's also a people-focused business, which allows franchisees the bandwidth to focus on customers while the instructors take care of the tutelage portion of the job. Success at Mathnasium is not contingent on your relationship with math, which the Elders believe has empowered them, and many other franchise owners, to be successful with their business.

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