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3 Smart Ways to Save Time by Streamlining Shipping Follow these tips and be more productive.

Here are three ways you can save time by making shipping more efficient.

1. Use an address validation software to minimize the risk of typos or misspellings. Any error can result in invalid mailing addresses or return-to-sender problems, causing delays in when your shipment ultimately arrives.

2. Weigh packages for accurate postage. Not enough postage will result in returns and using too much postage cuts into your profits. A shipping solution like SendPro Online from Pitney Bowes can make sure you use the correct amount of postage on each shipment.

3. Use standardized packaging for similar-sized items whenever possible. It'll reduce headaches and save you time by not having to measure and weigh each individual package.

To find out how SendPro Online can help streamline your shipping, visit PitneyBowes.com.