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How Even the Smallest Startups Can Project a Professional Image To the outside world, you want to appear to be established. These tools can help make that happen.


One of the beautiful things about launching a startup is that you don't need much to do it. For many fledgling businesses, all that's required in the beginning is an internet connection and a bare-bones team. Sometimes, that bare-bones team is just you.

While there's no shame in running a lean ship, that's not necessarily the image you want to project to customers or clients. Yes, you and your employees might be working out of a coworking space (or basement), but to the outside world, you want to appear to be the very definition of an established, professional business.

Thankfully, there are tools that can help you do exactly that. Below are a few key strategies to help business owners, from entrepreneurs of established startups to those running the scrappiest of new ventures, get more done and look good doing it.

Dialpad Business Voice. This internet-enabled phone product from Sprint Business allows you and your employees to take business calls on a shared phone number from anywhere, on any device. Not only does it provide a professional sheen to operations--say goodbye to handing out your personal cell number to clients--it helps boost productivity.

With Dialpad Business Voice, employees can conduct calls on whichever device is most convenient, while G Suite and Office 365 integrations pull up emails and calendar events relevant to the conversation. The service includes all the powers of a business phone service (voicemail, transferring and recording calls, an auto-attendant) without any of the limitations.

UberConference. Entrepreneurs can be a wandering breed. Luckily, collaboration between co-founders and employees can take place even when they're oceans apart thanks to services like UberConference.

An audio meetings service that includes a dedicated local conference number for every employee, UberConference also comes equipped with screen sharing, call recording, and call summary features. As with in-person meetings, those on an UberConference can see everyone else who is on the call and who is speaking. Unlike with in-person meetings, when someone is speaking, the service allows you to seamlessly pull up his or her social profile for added context.

Business Wi-Fi. As an entrepreneur, you need to make some difficult budgeting decisions. Some services simply aren't worth the cost. A secure and consistent internet connection isn't one of them. Spotty Wi-Fi can lead to any number of problems, from blown deadlines to hours of lost productivity.

Save yourself time and money by investing in a service like Sprint Business Wi-Fi from the get-go. The service has everything you need--a strong signal, impressive range and connectivity, 24/7 maintenance support, and high data throughput--without the hassle of an elaborate set up or upfront payments. With Sprint Business, your Wi-Fi always works for you, not the other way around.

Mobile Forms. Why bother writing down your transactions when there are seamless, cost-effective, digital services that remove the headache out of the process? Mobile Forms makes it easy to send, receive, and sign forms from your mobile device. Transactions, which can be conducted on the go, are seamlessly collected and instantly stored.

Altogether, the service turns the frustrating, error-ridden process of making and keeping track of paper transactions into a digital breeze. What's more, managing data more accurately and efficiently can lead to cost savings and happier clients--huge wins for any business, no matter the size.