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Loving the Space in Which You Work Is Critical to Happiness Come with us as we take a look inside Rootstrap's L.A. office.

The search for the perfect office or retail space can seem daunting at first. There are many factors to consider, like price, neighborhood, the layout, proximity to public transportation. The list goes on.

If you ask Ben Lee, the co-founder of app and web development startup Rootstrap, the number one factor isn't whether it's within walking distance to your favorite sandwich shop. You have to truly love the space you choose, he says.

"You gotta have a space that enables you to be creative, productive and get your work done," Lee says. After all, most passionate entrepreneurs wind up working 10- or 11-hour days, all within the offices they moved into. If they aren't happy in their workspace then they aren't equipped to do their best work.

Not only is Rootstrap's new office located on L.A.'s vibrant Sunset Boulevard, the team has outfitted the space deliberately with lots of light, bright-colored artwork, and rooms set up for maximum creativity and collaboration, Lee says.

For a closer look inside Rootstrap's colorful office, take a look at the short video above.

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