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Magic Touch High-tech kiosks let you interact with customers in real time.

By Gwen Moran

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Most people look at a shelf and see a shelf, but David Sautersaw a way to display and demonstrate more than 50 products in justa few square feet. Sauter, 33, heads up DMInteractive, a Green Bay,Wisconsin, developer and integrator that developed an interactivekiosk allowing manufacturers to create elaborate informationcenters in minimal amounts of space.

The kiosks are equipped with touchscreens that allow customersto see products in action through video clips. Presently in stageone of a two-part development process, the kiosks will ultimatelybe equipped with Internet connections that will allow customers andretail salespeople to interact in real time with customer servicerepresentatives from the manufacturer.

"[Interactive kiosks] allow you to serve yourcustomers' needs at the time and place they want," saysSauter, who was the driving force behind the kiosks. "You candisplay an entire catalog and promote all products in a limitedfloor space area. As technology [improves], it's important touse that to serve customers more effectively."

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