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This Is the Key to Managing a Rapidly Growing Workforce Just because you're growing doesn't mean that the tech that powers your growth needs to be complicated or expensive.


We live in an XaaS—everything-as-a-service—world.

Opening new offices, hiring new employees, and building out the communications and productivity infrastructure to keep everything humming along used to require a massive upfront investment of cash. Today, you can get all of that as a convenient service, pay over time, and only pay for what you really need.

It's 2017. With Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), high growth doesn't have to mean high capital expenditure.

Here's a look at how you can leverage MaaS to help manage your rapidly growing workforce.

Focus on what matters.

The first step in going from traditional IT to Mobility-as-a-Service is adjusting your mindset. It's about acknowledging what you, as a small business, really need from technology.

In the old system, you need to buy everything upfront and put in the time, energy and money to maintain and support it. You need an IT person if not an entire department to help you do that. That's the kind of diversion from your core competencies that you don't need, especially when you're a small business with limited resources.

Why should you spend your time worrying about your device plan or office infrastructure when your employees don't care about the kind of network you've installed or how they get the software they need? What your people care about are outcomes:

  • Whether they can get in touch with support when they need to
  • Whether they can easily collaborate with their colleagues
  • Whether their devices let them get their jobs done with minimal friction

The old system of forecasting everything you might need, buying all your equipment with the costs upfront, and maintaining and upgrading it yourself doesn't help you accomplish these goals. Today, Mobility-as-a-Service and Workplace-as-a-Service allow small businesses to get the technology they need and help their employees get their jobs done without all of that hassle.

Pay as you go.

Wireless pricing used to be a hassle. Your monthly per-employee and per-device costs could be unpredictable, provisioning new devices to the users they were meant for could take a long time, and you'd usually be locked into 12- or 24-month contracts that were expensive to break.

Now, we have Mobility-as-a-Service: a way to get the devices, service, and support you need for your employees on a flexible, service basis.

In the old system, you had to buy all your devices up front, or lease them, in which case your choices would typically be limited based on availability. You paid for a flat data plan, and spent a cash outlay to upgrade at the end of each cycle.

With a Mobility-as-a-Service program like what Sprint Business offers, you can get the latest devices available when you actually need them without the upfront cost, and with any customizations that you need for your business. It's about flexibility—both for the devices you need as a growing business, and the way you pay for them.

Your growing business may not want to spend $500 upfront, per phone, for each of your employees. You have more important things to spend your money on, and you can't justify that expense because it's just not mission-critical. And as a small business, you need to use your limited resources carefully. Yet there might be good reason to have those devices. MaaS means you can get every single one of the devices you need without giving up the capital expenditure.

Open offices without IT friction.

With Workplace-as-a-Service, you can get MaaS flexibility when you're trying to open new offices or upgrade your current spaces.

If you manage a business or even an office, then you know that building out a new location can make you feel like despite the business you're really in, you're actually in the IT business. Getting all of the devices and applications you need set up, and then making sure they all keep working smoothly, can be a massive logistical challenge.

Rather than spend money to build out all of the IT you need to run a modern company—software, hardware, servers, network infrastructure, security, video conferencing, etc.—you can get a totally managed installation of all of the above. And you can pay based on the people who actually use your services, rather than based on some arbitrary pricing model.

Companies using Workplace-as-a-Service from Sprint Business to outfit their offices have saved up to 50 percent on their IT costs. From enterprise-grade Wi-Fi to document collaboration to voice and video, Sprint's Workplace-as-a-Service solution allows you to skip the setup, focus on the bigger picture, and rely on their 24/7/365 support to help you out when things go awry.

With Mobility-as-a-Service and Workplace-as-a-Service from Sprint Business, you can forget about the logistics and concentrate on your outcomes.