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This Second-Generation, Family-Run Pet Brand Is Dedicated to Helping Its Dealers Find Success

Say hello to Dog Guard, a dealership that enables its individual owners to achieve their version of the American Dream.

When Dean Watkins was 9 years old, his dog, a German Shepard named Sheba, was killed by a car in front of his home in Glenmont, N.Y. Understandably, it was a traumatic event for Dean and his family. The incident inspired Dean's father, an entrepreneur, to find a solution.

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In 1988, he founded Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing. A wire carrying a radio frequency is buried around the perimeter of an owner's home. When the dog wears a collar that receives the radio signals, it knows to stay safe within the boundary of your property.

Today, Watkins is president of the Troy, N.Y.-based company. As you might assume, demand is high. Dog Guard has 78 dealership units and realized 37 percent overall growth in 2020. The brand aims to add more than 20 new units by 2022.

Part of this success comes from delivering outstanding customer service. "At Dog Guard, we believe in supporting our Dealers and helping to empower them to have tools to better serve our customers," Watkins explains. "Dog Guard dealers are often available to their customers even during "off' hours, reflecting our commitment to serving our customers."

Dog Guard's commitment to offering top-notch customer service is bolstered by its mission of fostering a culture that enables dealers to achieve their own version of success and fulfillment. "Dog Guard is a family-run manufacturing business where we're focused on both keeping your family dog safe and helping entrepreneurs work toward their own American Dream," Watkins says.

Providing a blueprint for success.

When Dog Guard dealers succeed on an individual level, the Dog Guard brand succeeds. That's why Watkins and his team equips dealers with the tools and support of a turnkey business, including product training, onboarding, and marketing.

Much like a franchise, Dog Guard dealership owners have full ownership of their local business. They have access to sell Dog Guard products and use the Dog Guard brand. There is no monthly franchise fee and effective dealers experience roughly 65 percent gross margins.

"It is important for dealers to know that we, as a company, are invested in our dealers' growth and success," Watkins says. "Our goal is to ensure success and continual growth from day one."

Building well-made solutions that "endure the test of time.'

Franchise owners/dealers want to be passionate about the product and work. Watkins realizes this and it's a big reason why Dog Guard takes pride in creating high quality pet containment systems that are designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.

"At the Dog Guard home office, we value building well-made electronics that will endure the test of time," Watkins says. "Our close relationship with our engineering partners, who are leaders in radio frequency technology, allows us to better evaluate and understand any issues should they arise. This provides us a means to quickly evaluate, understand and address any product related field issues."

It's important for dealers because higher quality electronics mean a better experience for dog owners as well as knowing that the electronics are reliable and the ability to stand behind Dog Guard's Containment Guarantee.

If you have sales experience and enjoy working with people and dogs, then Dog Guard might be the perfect opportunity for you. To learn more about becoming a Dog Guard dealer, fill out the form here.

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