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This Simple Tool Makes Hiring Faster and Stress Free Keep track of potential hires and streamline the interview and vetting process with this time-saving tool.

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Every business owner and manager knows just how time-consuming it can be to hire new employees. This is especially hard right now because the unemployment rate is down to 4.1 percent, lower than it has been in 20 years.

Searching through resumes to find that A-player who will help grow your business can be challenging, especially if your team is lean and strapped for time. But how can you streamline the hiring process without sacrificing quality or cutting corners?

Say hello to Hire by Google. This latest tool in Google's suite of business apps makes managing the entire hiring process--from keeping track of candidates and scheduling interviews to communicating with your team and making hiring decisions--a simple, clear, and easy-to-navigate process.

Who is this tool best suited for and what features does it bring to the table? Below are three key ways this tool will streamline and simplify the hiring process for small- and medium-size businesses.

Applicant tracking made easy.

Gone are the days of scouring your desktop or inbox for that resume or long-lost email from months back. With countless emails coming into your inbox daily, making sure you're staying organized when it comes to hiring can become a nightmare. Hire captures all your candidate information in one place, so that you no longer have to frantically search your email or copy-paste information about them from across apps or websites.

To simplify this process, Hire automatically parses resumes. Plus, it gathers relevant background info on each candidate you're considering, automatically surfacing links to their profiles from sites like LinkedIn, GitHub and others. You can then share this information easily with your team and communicate in real-time with all relevant candidate information at your fingertips.

What's more, the process of submitting and sharing feedback on candidates has been designed to make sure you're making the best possible decisions. Hire reminds interviewers to submit feedback and enables them to do it from any device without having to log into the app. It also makes a candidate's resume and job description immediately accessible on screen while you're taking notes or writing feedback. And because hiring can be a tricky group decision-making process, the app makes sure that team members don't see each other's feedback until they've had a chance to input their own thoughts--a key to helping avoid groupthink and bias.

Smart scheduling at your fingertips.

Working through scheduling logistics can often prolong and complicate the hiring process. Figuring out not just who is available to meet with a job candidate, but when and where is a process that Hire has streamlined through integration with Google Calendar, eliminating any back-and-forth.

With access to interviewer calendars, you can figure out the best time to schedule an interview, and Hire even recommends available meeting rooms at your office.

The app also offers an automatic Hangout video link that can be used for remote interviews. Everyone involved in the interview receive a detailed calendar invite that includes the candidate's profile, resume, and schedule details so that everyone is on the same page.

Email integration to simplify your life.

Making sure everyone is on the same page about a candidate can be difficult when there are multiple people in the running and a variety of jobs you are hiring for. Hire syncs with your Gmail and can automatically identify when you're corresponding with a candidate, providing you with all the relevant information you might need about that person and, tracking your communications on their candidate profile.

While a candidate might be in contact with multiple people on your team, email syncing allows you to see all of the emails that have been sent to or received by a candidate by recruiters, hiring managers, and coordinators in an emails tab. Writing those emails is also simplified with templates you can use from the start to end of the hiring process--customizable templates are available from scheduling interviews to politely rejecting candidates to informing them of next steps.

Managing relationships with potential hires is important as they move along the interview process and by tracking and organizing all of the correspondences between your team and a candidate, you can make sure everyone is on the same page and help strengthen and build those important relationships from the start.

Are you exhausted by hiring logistics? You can request a demo of Hire by Google to learn more about how the app can help make your recruiting process faster and stress free.

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