Advanced Medical Integration

Advanced Medical Integration

Advanced Medical Integration is a consulting company that works with chiropractors and other healthcare professionals to implement an integrated model of healthcare to help patients around the country achieve better outcomes.

Company Overview

Advanced Medical Integration is a consulting group for establishing holistic, philosophically-based medical integration. The team at AMI diligently guides users through every single step necessary to successfully establish this new model for care. Their clients' current clinics can transform into a rejuvenated medicine practice, providing high-demand services for their community. For chiropractors switching to this new model, they can now serve the 90% of the community that does not currently go to chiropractors. For family practice MDs and DOs, this allows them to free themselves from the HMOs and drug industry-influenced decision making common to the field, by adding an array of sought-after cash services to their town.

About Advanced Medical Integration

HQ Location
Clearwater, FL

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