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News and Trends

QIA Acquires Major London Financial Center

Canary Wharf has been bought by the Qatar Investment Authority for US$4 billion.

News and Trends

Libyan Officials Withdraw "Political Isolation" Law

Libya's UN-recognized parliament in the small eastern city of Tobruk has revoked the "political isolation" law that they had passed back in 2013.

News and Trends

Dubai Announces Aladdin City

It might just look like something out of Star Wars for some, but Dubai just announced that the very-real construction of a 4000-acre building project called Aladdin City will begin next year.


Startup Asamies.com Offers MENA-Friendly Domain Names

asamies.com has created a user-friendly marketplace of quality brandable names showcased alongside awesome visualizations of the same.


Trippy 'Treps: HolidayME Says That You Can Set Up Your Entire Vacay in Just a Few Clicks

Who doesn't look forward to their next holiday? You're probably thinking about your next trip as you read this.

Growth Strategies

You Get What You Pay For: Making The Case For Paid Internships

Stop groaning, entrepreneurs. You need interns just as much as they need you.