M. Rajendran


M. Rajendran is the Deputy Managing Director- Middle East and CEO of UAE Division at Al Futtaim Wills. Prior to that, he was CEO of AXA Gulf Insurance. He has 28 years of experience at senior levels in both insurance and insurance brokers, with expertise in underwriting, claims, risk management, reinsurance, sales and marketing, and general management. He is a charted insurance broker, holds an AIRM qualification from The Institute of Risk Management and is also an Associate of the Indian Insurance Institute.


Growth Strategies

How To Use Risk As An Opportunity To Boost Profits

You might not realize it, but you are in the risk business. We all are. No risk, no business. Just remember that the biggest risk points are usually where the biggest opportunities lie.

Growth Strategies

Four Ways To Ensure Your Company Will Survive A Market Downturn

Raising staff morale, streamlining your outgoings, stabilizing your finances and adopting an agile culture are four of the most effective ways to ensure that your company survives a downturn.


Four Policies To Mitigate Risks Caused By Your Employees

There are threats which are all relatively new on the business landscape and companies get tripped up by them every day.

Growth Strategies

How Businesses Can Play A Role In Insuring The Future

By planning ahead, entrepreneurs can significantly reduce the likelihood of their businesses running into costly problems in the future.


How Trade Insurance Helps Your Business Prosper

Trade insurance can protect your company against the risk of your buyers not paying and sometimes even your suppliers not honoring their obligation.

Growth Strategies

Need To Protect Your Business? Here's How Risk Engineering Can Help

Risk engineering makes it easier for you to obtain the right levels of insurance and avoid the higher premiums typical of a risk profile consisting of unknown or unquantified risks.

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