Peter Abualzolof

Co-founder and CEO, Mashvisor

Peter Abualzolof is the co-founder and CEO of Mashvisor, a real estate data analytics company.

The idea to create a platform which provides readily available real estate data and analytics to investors quickly and efficiently came out of Peter's own experience. Towards the end of the "Great Recession," being confident in his real estate investing skills (real estate is a family hobby for him), Peter started researching multiple markets as the Bay Area, where he lived, was unreasonably priced and not ideal for investing with his budget. He had lost all opportunities after 2-3 months of putting offers on properties in multiple markets, as researching each market and property was taking him way more time than experienced investors, so there was no way for him to find a high performing property without accelerating the research process. That's how he thought of Mashvisor.



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