Dubai's Venture Capital Ecosystem

Growth Strategies

Infographic: Analyzing Dubai's Attractiveness For Startup Growth

Dubai's allure as a startup hub is prominent in the country, since the top 10 disclosed funding rounds of all time are all from startups headquartered in the Emirate.


Infographic: The Surge Of Mega-Round Investments In The MENA

The growth of funding in the MENA region has exceeded US$4 billion in both 2021 and 2022, and the number of mega-rounds of $300 million or more has seen an increasing trend with three seen in 2021, and six in 2022, including two scaleups listing on stock exchanges.


Infographic: The Top 10 MENA Countries For Tech Startups In 2023

The UAE led the MENA region, with it being home to 339 scaleups, while Egypt and Saudi Arabia follow with 140 and 132 scaleups, respectively.


Building Resilience: Consolidation And The Future Of The MENA Startup Ecosystem

The next decade looks very exciting for stakeholders who are already in this region- as well as those who are expected to make a move.

Growth Strategies

Exciting Prospects Ahead: Here's What Dubai's Investors Believe Are The Tech Sectors Set To Shine In 2023

The next five years will see more interest in startups operating in industries that localize systems of production and consumption in order to make them more efficient, resilient, and secure.


On The Right Track: BECO Capital Managing Partner Dany Farha On The Evolution Of The Startup Ecosystem In Dubai (And The MENA Region)

"Dubai needs diversity in the companies on our exchange, world-class governance to instill confidence in the platform for foreign investment, and foreign investor-friendly regulation to incentivize them to bring their dollars here."


Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Vice Chairman H.E. Ahmad Abdullah Juma Bin Byat On The Emirate's Ambitions To Become The Digital Economy Capital Of The World

With a series of visionary initiatives and investments in cutting-edge technology, Dubai is well on its way to achieving its digital ambitions.


Driving The Digital Economy: A Look At Dubai's Initiatives In Building A Resilient Tech Startup Landscape

A slew of measures and strategic projects have been instrumental in attracting enterprises to Dubai, going back as far as 1999 when Dubai Internet City was established.


With Over US$11.7 Billion Raised Across 306 Scaleups Since 2010, Dubai Continues To Lead The Growth Of The MENA Startup Ecosystem

For many cities in the MENA, Dubai is a shining example of what it takes to become a global hub for entrepreneurship.

News and Trends

Dubai Chamber Of Digital Economy Publishes 2023 Venture Report; Dubai Adds 64 More Scaleups In 2022

Of the 306 scaleups that are headquartered in Dubai, 64 were added in 2022, indicating an acceleration of scaleup activity in the city.