Abdulla Basha


Social Frontier is an offshoot of GrowthStory’s centralised marketing team, which was headed by Abdulla Basha till they raised Series B funding. It was the realization that about 96% of businesses fail within 10 years primarily due to inefficient marketing and brand dilution that prompted Serial Entrepreneur and Promoter K Ganesh to float the idea of Social Frontier as a separate venture.

Social Frontier was incepted in early 2017 with Abdullah Basha and GnanaPrakash Rathinam as its Co-Founders. While Basha has extensive experience in managing digital marketing for portfolio companies including helping them scale business and acquire, Rathinam has over 17 years of expertise in building software products and solving critical business problems. The venture aims at helping businesses increase reach and engagement on social media, maximize website traffic, spur lead generation, increase application installs and achieve several other digital marketing goals.




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