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Top 5 Business Leaders Who Are Making a Genuine Impact In 2021 Whilst the rest of the world developed fear and stress during the unprecedented times of the pandemic, top entrepreneurs such as Ron Malhotra, Karen MC Dermott, Shelly Yorgesen, Nidal Rasheed and Elinor Moshe used this time to focus on their business and expedite their growth

By Srivatsa KR

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The dream of owning your own business and becoming an entrepreneur is one that many individuals share. Very few people, however, take the risk to live their dream. The question of how to become an entrepreneur is often filled with uncertainties, yet individuals who excel in the field dig deep into those uncertainties to build a successful business. Entrepreneurship requires you to think and act outside of the box. We can best understand this mindset when you study entrepreneurs who have followed these various paths. Below are some of the examples from five entrepreneurs who are making a real impact in the world with their unique expertise this year.

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Ron Malhotra

You probably recognise Ron Malhotra's name, since he's one of the most known and respected business mentors in the online space. However, it wasn't always like this. Having experienced hardships at an early age, and seeing his parents struggle, Ron has made it his life's purpose to elevate human talent and consciousness through education. Not academic or professional education, but success, business and money education, which most people are lacking. According to Ron, business is more than just being your own boss, "Treating your business as a corporation and not a part time gig, is crucial for absolute success. Our business is a corporation, it's a serious matter and is to be treated as such. From the beginning we understood it has always been about our client's success, and that is exactly what has set us apart from everyone else" Ron mentions.

Karen MC Dermott

Being successful means different things to different people, Karen Mc Dermott's success and fulfilment is found by creating platforms that enable people to achieve their highest potential through the power of storytelling. As an award-winning entrepreneur, multi-genre author of over 40 books, mentor and TEDx speaker herself. Karen is inspired by the beauty of writing and storytelling "When time and circumstance align, magic happens. I am passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge and vibrant energy with others. I have a 'no excuse' policy: if I can do it, anyone can" Karen say's.

Shelly Yorgesen

We've all heard the saying "your network equals your net worth". There are a lot of people who talk about networking but Shelly Yorgesen, founder and CEO of Executive Networking Events, a global pioneer in high-level executive connections and communities is a living example of such a quote. After building one of the fastest growing and most successful executive networking groups in the world, Shelly and her team know exactly how to best grow your business through strategic partnerships "Networking locally is a blast from the past, having a global network allows you to tap into the minds of people from all demographics and backgrounds. This means, your learning curve and growth can be expedited by just meeting someone who is one step ahead of you, it's priceless" Shelly mentions.

Nidal Rasheed

It's no secret that property is a proven vehicle to create wealth, one South Australian man has turned it into a career for himself and others. Property entrepreneur Nidal Rasheed started his real estate career in 2009 after a failed business venture that almost sent him bankrupt. Within 5 years, he started Silvertail Property Group which has helped hundreds of families around Australia get on and move up the property ladder. In 2021, Nidal launched the Property Strategist Institute Program which is helping educate and develop newcomers into the property industry around the country. The program has been getting a lot of positive attention as it enables newcomers to learn and earn in the property industry under the guidance and support of Nidal Rasheed and the Property Strategist Institute.

Elinor Moshe

Inspiring, guiding and directing industry professionals and future leaders to construct their career and achieve higher compensation, faster progression and more recognition. That is Elinor Moshe's mission. Impacting and revolutionising the construction industry, The Founder of The Construction Coach, Australia's first construction coach is changing how to have a career in industry, by turning the focus on the greatest project they'll ever get to work on – themselves, and not the buildings. Whilst many decide to embark on their career without guidance and follow convention, Elinor Moshe serves to inspire others to see what is possible. When reflecting on her own business journey to where she is today: "Business is very complex and our time is limited. The only way to bypass the time and get out of the chaos is to align yourself with a mentor who has the results you want" says Elinor.

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Inspiring, motivating and eye opening. These stories should serve as proof that running a successful business and finding meaning behind it are the key ingredients to a long-term successful career. Running a successful business it's an ongoing pursuit for excellence. In order to excel long term, we must enjoy what we do, including how we run our business on a day-to-day basis. By focusing on what feels good to you (and not others), we can ultimately achieve the levels of joy and freedom we are all seeking.

Srivatsa KR

Start-up enthusiast & Blogger

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