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Understanding the Blockchain-Based Micro-Economy For Content Creators And Influencers Blockchain expert, Sergey Sevantsyan, shares about the new project, MediaCoin, he is leading that just about everyone seems to be talking about

By Deepika Singh

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Mastermind of the think tank community, a social engineer, a blockchain expert, mentor, entrepreneur and CIO of numerous tech companies, Sergey Sevanstan is a name that cannot be missed in the industry. He is currently the CEO of Mediacoin, a project that has generated quite a buzz and brings out the question: what makes Mediacoin different from other coins in the market?

Mediacoin has been created to offer an alternative platform for artists, influencers, vloggers and other content creators to protect, control and benefit from their work much better than they are now. The platform is a micro crypto economy where creatives can flourish. With Mediacoin, creators and influencers are genuinely free and able to earn income in many more ways than they traditionally would with added opportunities like earning extra income from NFTs and crypto investments.

They offer a turnkey service for NFT creation and platforms to sell the products, and for newbies to crypto trading, they offer free masterclasses on how to get started by industry experts. The vision is to unite the real world with the crypto world and take the fear out of investing in cryptocurrency.

Concerning all the buzz around the project, they have new influencers and celebrities getting involved every week. With millions of followers, well, as you can imagine, that's a lot of worldwide reach.

Attracting influencers and content creators through unique features

Mediacoin has caught the attraction of numerous influencers and content creators. Unlike the platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, at Mediacoin, artists are truly free to express themselves. For example, there are no community guidelines and no moderators; therefore, creators don't need to worry so much about what they can or can't say for fear of their channel being demonetized or even cancelled.

Creators themselves can choose which content they wish to monetize, and everything is secure on the blockchain. They can share and sell files, videos, NFTs and more. In addition, the audience also benefits from our platform. There are no popups in followers' faces or advertisements throughout the content they want to watch.

The platform empowers creators: they are in complete control of their channel, their earnings and are able to maximize their income with NFT and other crypto investment opportunities. This is why more and more stars are staking with them every week.

Staking process

Okay, staking is how a person invests in Mediacoin. Unlike other platforms where coins can also be earned by way of mining or minting, Mediacoin doesn't allow users to become involved in the actual coin creation process for a variety of reasons. Coins must be purchased: that's how the vision for the project works. So, someone buys a coin, and this is their stake in the business.

Building a micro crypto economy

In order to unite the real world with the crypto world, people need to be able to behave in the crypto world in the same way as the real one and vice versa. Therefore, we must ensure the crypto economy behaves like the real economy and offers the same opportunities.

Mediacoin team has developed a range of useful products and tools to power their micro-economy, including a debit card program with payment available in both fiat and cryptocurrency. With this card, people can shop online, buy groceries and carry out any other personal and business transactions.

There is also a marketplace where various products and services can be sold, an NFT marketplace, and a soon-to-be-launched crypto exchange. All these things combined mean users can interact with both worlds, and there's much more to come. One such project is "Mediaverse", their very own metaverse where influencers, stars and followers can all interact with each other. They will be able to chat, play games, and because it's the metaverse, users can display and sell their NFTs.

The initial metaverse will be a 2D Web-based version, however, soon after, they plan to launch an upgraded version where everyone can pop on their virtual reality glasses and get the full interactive experience. This super exciting project kicks off in June 2022.

Future goals

When asked the future prediction of Mediacoin in five years, Mediacoin CEO adds, "I am a realist, so I'm not going to say we will be the number one coin in the world by that time – however, what I can say is that we will be well on our way to achieving our vision. Every new user and every new product we develop brings us one step closer to our dream."

Their platform is unique and targets a specific group of talented individuals and it's designed to be used. By supporting the growing community with the products, training and tools they need, they will make Mediacoin a massive success in the years ahead.

Note: Investment in cryptocurrency and crypto assets is subject to financial risk and readers should do their own due diligence. Entrepreneur Media does not endorse any such investment.

Author bio - A growth-hacker in nature, Deepika strives to shine light on the most innovative and creative business ideas from around the globe.


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