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CEO and Founder of Solvid

Dmytro is a CEO of Solvid, a creative content creation agency based in London. He's also the founder of Pridicto, a web analytics startup. His work has been featured in various publications, including The Next Web,, Huff Post, TechRadar, B2C and

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Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

The EU's Stance on NFTs can Pave the Way for Europe to Become a Thriving Web3 Hub

While there are still concerns surrounding the EU's accommodation of NFTs, 2022 has already seen a flurry of activity throughout the continent as nations seek to accommodate the technology.

Science & Technology

The Emergence of Europe's Leading NFT Hubs Points to a Continent Readying up for Web3

In embracing the non-fungible token technology, Europe may soon establish itself as market leader in this brave new world.

Science & Technology

How Web 3.0 Can Revolutionise the Concept of Digital Ownership in Europe

Whilst the metaverse has become one of the most trending topics over the last year, it's difficult to overstate the impact the new technology will have on European businesses.

Business News

The EU's New Agreement on Cryptocurrency Regulation May Pave the Way for a New Era of Open Banking

It comes at a time when fintechs are striving to incorporate more crypto solutions into their open banking setups.

Starting a Business

London's Surge of Tech Startups Positions Europe as Key Hub for Innovation

The UK has long been established as a European leader in terms of fostering a conducive environment for unicorns to emerge.

Growing a Business

The Rise of the 'Soonicorn': How Europe's Fintech Landscape is Creating Unicorns

Due to Europe's delivering a significant rate of growth for tech startups, we've begun to see a series of "soonicorns" emerge as promising startups appear set for prosperity in the future.