Dr Vivek Singh

Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Dr Vivek Singh is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. This highly qualified solicitor with
Doctorate in Law also appears at various High Courts such as Delhi, Mumbai, Allahabad,
Chandigarh, Jodhpur and Nainital, and Lower Courts, Tribunals at the special request of people.
In the last 19-year, Dr Singh resolved many complex cases using his sharp intellect and high
legal acumen. He cherishes vast professional experience in multiple legal domains such as Civil,
Corporate, Banking, Financial, Intellectual Property Rights, Criminals, Matrimonials, Arbitration
and Property Disputes.

He holds the lifetime membership of the Supreme Court Bar Association and the membership of
the Delhi High Court Bar. Besides, Dr Vivek Singh also won the elections of National Sports
Club of India in Delhi and Mumbai regions. Passionate about sharing his legal knowledge, he
has been giving consultancy to some of the best firms in the country in sectors such as real
estate, banking, and even the government. His advice has been sought in many of the important
policy formulations by the Centre as well as state governments. Over the years he has developed
a rapport amongst his peer as a vocal person on social and political issues with in-depth
knowledge about law matters and great insights on issues related to farmers, women, and

Being a curious technology geek, Singh loves to read a lot of books and journals on law and
legal matters. He loves to read spiritual books. He observes things minutely and draws a
comparison between to bring out positive changes in society. Also, Dr Vivek Singh is a well-
known personality in the social circles of Delhi-NCR; he interacts with influential people in
governments and societies. Besides, many big business houses also invite him in the legal issues.
Advocate Singh believes in social justice and providing pro bono services to senior citizens and
NGOs. Being a health conscious person, he regularly practises Yoga and unwinds himself after
strenuous work schedules through listening to ghazals, taking meditation sessions, and playing
chess with friends. Also, Dr. Vivek Singh is an active member of Golf Club where he often
astounds even the pros with his magical skills on tee.




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