These Homeopathic App Founders Talk About Digitizing The Ancient Medicinal Practice

Homeopathy is an ancient medical practice that was founded in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann in Germany.

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Homoeopathic apps are coming up. They are digitizing and aiding in information dissemination, booking doctor appointments and improved service provision for more people to reap its benefits.


With an earnest desire for budding homeopaths to revel in the knowledge of the teachings of Dr Prafull Vijayakar, also known as Einstein of Homeopathy, Dr Akshata Mallya, Founder and CEO, Predictive Homeopathy, founded the app in 2017. Dr Vijayakar is also the chairman of Predictive Homeopathy. "It was important to connect with the youth. Our app is majorly used in India, followed by European doctors as well as USA and Dubai practitioners." One can book appointments with doctors and buy medicines online globally.
The app also provides case studies to doctors of rare diseases.
Downloads: 10K+ downloads l Stars: 4.5
According to Google Playstore

Dr Akshata Mallya, Founder and CEO, Predictive Homeopathy App


Rising from a very personal need to make information on homoeopathy accessible to all, Dr AVS Prasad founded Homeopathic Quick Reference (HQR) in 2014 with the help of a friend who coded for him for free. Prasad shares, "HQR is like Google for homoeopaths all over the world. All our material is copyright free as we aim to make information accessible among homoeopaths all over the world." The app is a quick reference of keynotes for the homoeopathic physician with a pocket repertory, children's materia medica, keynotes for study and useful medical information.
Downloads: 50K+ downloads l Stars: 4.6
According to Google Playstore

Dr AVS Prasad, Founder, Homeopathic Quick Reference

Funded by Bollywood couple Genelia and Reitesh Deshmukh, Wellness Cure is an online homoeopathic teleconsultation platform that claims to treat over 80 common and 20 uncommon clinical conditions on live chat and Skype. Mumbai-based Punit Desai launched Welcome Cure in 2014 with a mission to spread quality healthcare to people across the globe who seek natural treatment solutions. He shares, "There is a lack of quality alternative medicine treatment providers and we wanted to take the lead to become pioneers in the field."
Downloads: 1K+ downloads l Stars: 3.8
According to Google Playstore

Punit Desai, Founder, Welcome Cure

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