New-age social networking and active interactions with Leher Listen to what Leher app founder Vikas Malpani has to say about changing social networking requirements and their vision for the future

By Puneet Kapani

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Leher is an audio-video chat application specially meant for like-minded people to interact and communicate freely. In contrast to traditional social media, Leher focuses on live discussions, free-flowing conversations, and exclusive networks of people. Here's what founder Vikas Malpani had to say about their journey and take on networking!

Leher's vision for the future

"Leher was born with a vision to democratize discussion", Vikas shares. He believes in the rise of a decade of natural mediums and new social platforms around it. Leher was started in 2018 with a dire lack of any platforms to meet those with shared interests and have free-flowing conversations with them.

The app is more accommodating with video or audio conversations that users can drop in to at any time. Eliminating the need for the use of meeting tools, setting up a way to converse, and several other hassles, Vikas emphasizes this new-age approach for social networking with both audio and video possibilities.

Impact on users across niches

Vikas talks about a lot of conversations about subjects like mental health, challenges they are facing, and a variety of spiritual, religious, and professional clubs. There has been a lot of impact use of the app in the past year for experience sharing and building connections.

Communities of product managers, developers, marketers, and even political and social spheres, all engaging and connecting in a casual yet convenient setup. Leher has even triggered several business opportunities and meeting up of co-founders who have started full-fledged companies due to these like-minded interactions.

Innovations for present-day virtual communities

Vikas comments that "Community is becoming the core of every business; community is becoming the core of society". The idea of communities is not going to the virtual stage, which is where the entire scope of technological innovations lies. Our agenda is driven towards - "How we can satisfy similar needs of belonging, in an online world".

"There are two dimensions of innovations that we follow to be a leader," Vikas shares. The first is their obsession with talking to their users, learning from them, and building as per their feedback. The second is on the technology front. With audio, video features, and mobile use Leher relies only on cutting-edge technology to ensure the setup is stable, scalable, and offers a seamless delightful experience.

"We intend to be the destination for all kinds of conversations. You will find interesting people and young professionals who use our platform as a place to discover their interests. We want people to find meaningful connections and clubs and build a new network for their interactions. We are empowering creators and communities to be able to find meaningful communities, monetize their content, and make a living out of that," Vikas concluded.

Puneet Kapani

Former Features Editor

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Catch a glimpse of her work at @PuneetKapani on LinkedIn and @puneetkapani on Instagram.

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