#5 Checkpoints Before Selecting Formal Wear For Workplace

People, who are well-travelled, know the importance of elegant and classy formal wear and they certainly catch your eye because they stand out in the crowd.

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By Jatin Malik

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We have always been told to dress up a certain way by our bosses or colleagues in office and that's the reason why men's formal wear category is so underutilised even today — it's still so raw.

From standard mass production suits to the bespoke ones and from standard, button-down collar shirts to the cutaway ones, this category has come a long way and still has a lot of potential. People, who are well-travelled, know the importance of elegant and classy formal wear and they certainly catch your eye because they stand out in the crowd.

Let's look at few checkpoints that you can keep in mind before selecting formal wear for workplace.

Suit Up

Gone are the days when nen used to wear standard pattern, mass production, off-the-rack suits with bulky shoulders, loose sleeves and straight cuts. In 2017, the must have formal wear is a navy blue, well tailored and made-to-measure suit. Made-to-measure also comes in a lot of variety depending upon where you are getting it from. The most important ones are tapered from sides, have structured shoulders to give you the right amount of thickness in the shoulders. Hand rolled lapel adds to the proper Italian suit finish. Working buttons, which look classy and give a little peak on the cuff, are normally present in high-quality Italian blazers and don't cost a bomb if your tailor is good.

And that's not just it. Trousers, as we always say, are the most underrated clothing article in men's wear. The right fit, which should feel snugly without being too tight and fall on the shoe for about just quarter of an inch is the right way to go about it and should always be worn in semi-high waist and never low waist.

There Can Never Be Enough White Shirts

Versatility of white shirts is very well established in our market. But the kind of fabric to be used in white shirts should depend on the weather type. The collar should fit the person wearing it. Keeping in mind the weather in India, Oxford Cotton has come with the right choices. It has the right texture, perfect breathability yet right amount of thickness in the fabric, which most men like in their shirts.

Nothing can come close to the look of an English cutaway or semi-cutaway collar on a shirt. It's old school, perfect if you wear a tie and even if you don't. Open collar also gives you that high-collar-shirt look with a long-neck illusion. Almost all professional men want this type of attire, but very few ready-made brands make them. So a tailored, white Oxford Cotton semi-cutaway, collar shirt should be the ideal choice as an office wear formal shirt.

Always Judge A Man By His Shoes

Black is too boring for men, especially as office wear. Let's keep those black shoes for our gala dinners and formal parties in the evenings. Tan-leather brogues with perfect patina (artificial colouring of leather used in handmade shoes) are must have items in men's formal wear wardrobe. It's versatile, durable and gives you a very young yet formal look.

Watch Is Of The Essence

Wrist watches have come a long way as a perfect accessory to team up with men's formal wear. An elegant, black matt finish or textured leather strap with a sleek white and gold dial on top is certainly a must have item for men. It's always about the minute details on the dial and leather quality of the strap makes the piece stand out.

What You Carry Makes All The Difference

New rule is to match the colour of the bag with your shoes. It will definitely make a substantial statement. An elegant and subtle looking piece with minimal design and right amount of detailing is the right pick for professionals. So, a sleek, tan-leather bag with minimal details teamed up with navy blue suit will accentuate your looks.

Jatin Malik

Owner, Jatin Malik Couture

Jatin Malik is a Delhi-based young designer-cum-entrepreneur for men's wear. He is the founder of Jatin Malik Couture. He launched his first collection in 2016.

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