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Bikes under 1 Lac for the Practical Entrepreneur Low budget? Entrepreneurs, get your fun side out with these fancy bikes launched at Auto Expo 2016

By Rustam Singh

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Until New Delhi's curious case of odd-even traffic applies nationally, traffic looks like a problem that's going to remain forever. Practically speaking, what's the point of having a luxurious SUV or a posh sports car if you can't even reach work or that important meeting, because you're stuck crawling in traffic instead? This is where the comfort of wriggling through even the densest traffics comes in place via a motorcycle. Exceptional mileage as compared to four wheelers, the ability to be in much more control of your vehicle while you cruise, motorcycle offer a more better performance advantage over cars any day. That, and the undeniable cool factor of driving a bike is the fact of how close you are to the elements outside and you essentially control the whole automobile, not vice versa.

If transport from point A point B is literally your only use of an automobile anyway, you can also cut down significantly by getting a swanky bike that costs a fraction of a car does. And this year's AutoExpo offered several options to choose from. Here are our best picks:

Scooter-Bike crossover

(Image source: Twitter/MotorNad)

s looks cooler than a scooter, but smaller than a bike. Excellent 7.83 bhp @ 7000rpm but with a top speed of a functional 80 kmph, this cross between a scooter and a bike is surely an eye catcher. Tiny, zippy and wriggling through traffic with its thick but tiny tires, it makes a comfortable ride and is affordable enough for disposable income.

Sporty Zippy affordable

(Image source: Twitter/IndianAutosBlog)

Suziki introduced a newer model to its Gixxer series with a sporty mono-tone color. The Gixxer looks sporty and rides like one too. The twin muffler single side exhaust add to the powerful image, and a decent 16.7 bhp @ 8000 rpm means you can ride fast when the roads empty. Although the seat is designed for solo riding comfort, be sure your purpose is quickly reaching the destination and not long duration riding.

Scooter comfort, bike's performance

(Image source: Twitter/PiaggioOfficial)

Giving a direct competition and also introducing the hybrid of scooter and motorbike Piaggio India unveiled India's first sport-scooter bike – Aprilia SR 150. The new two wheeler comes rocks a 150cc engine and 14 inch wheels, like a bike.

Light weight patchy road's companion

(Image source: Twitter/motoroids2)

While the looks are simplistic and basic, the air-cooled 200CC Hero Xtreme 200 S comes packed with rear mono suspension and safety features such as ABS. The bike provides a trailer into the future of Hero's design and research for performance bikes beyond 150cc.

Simplistic scooter that serves the purpose

(Image source: Twitter/OverDrive)

Duet-E is aimed at providing a smooth, fast and environment friendly commuting option. The simple scooter sports basic design is light weight and has extremely efficient maneuverability. It can practically pay its cost through savings in a few years.

Do you use two wheelers to commute to work or only for leisure and recreational driving? Let us know in the comments on our official Facebook page Entrepreneur India

Rustam Singh


Tech reporter.

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