Coronavirus: What Employees Can Eat To Stay Healthy During Work From Home Creating a working environment and work-life and home balance could be difficult. Here are a few options to snack healthy while working from home.

By Nmami Agarwal

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Amid the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, working from home could be the safest option but might not be good for your health as the chances of sitting for long hours and binge eating go up a fair bit. It isn't only because you're in your pyjamas 24x7 but also because you have your refrigerator easily accessible around you.

Creating a working environment and work-life and home balance could be difficult. Here are a few options to snack healthy while working from home:

Roasted Chickpeas

A high protein snack and a good source of fiber, roasted chickpeas are super healthy and low in calories which make it appropriate for a delicious indulgence. Simply soak overnight and dry roast with spices and your tasty snack is ready.

Roasted Makhanas

Low in cholesterol and rich in calcium, foxnuts or makhanas are good for obesity, hypertension, and diabetes. It makes an ideal snack to keep you satiated for in-between hunger pangs. It prevents inflammation due to the presence of kaempferol, a natural flavonoid. Magnesium and folate present in makhanas are excellent for heart health. Just dry roast some makhanas with some salt and pepper.

Nutty Trail Mix

A trail mix of walnuts, almonds (being low in fat, keep its quantity little more than other nuts), cashews, raisins, pistachios with seeds like melon seeds and pumpkin seeds is all that you need to throw in an airtight jar together. Add some spices if you prefer. Store at a cool place and have a handful when untimely hunger strikes. The nutty trail mix is loaded with fiber, minerals, essential fats, protein, and vitamins.

Oats Namkeen

Simply dry roast the rolled oats and you can even combine them with other healthy options like barley flakes, ragi flakes and it can be a good mid-evening snack. Oats are rich in fiber and they help in managing weight better. While you are stuck with your work on gadgets, it keeps you full for longer hours.


Munching on crunchy popcorns is a good idea to snack. From black pepper to piri-piri, popcorns are a healthy whole grain snack. It can be experimented with a variety of flavors and is quick to make. Moreover, it is filled with fiber and is a binge-worthy snack. Make sure not to add too much salt and completely skip the butter.

Baked Veggies

Vegetables are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, they are full of flavor and colors. Pleasing to the eyes and beneficial to health. Just load some diced/ sliced veggies on a baking tray, season with little olive oil and sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper. Bake for few minutes and enjoy hot and crispy.

Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • Set caffeine limits, keeping it to one serving a day and focus on hydration
  • Take frequent breaks to walk inside the home for just a few minutes after every hour
  • Set a schedule and target for work and meals both
  • Stock up on nutrient-dense snacks
  • Read a magazine or walk when you feel you are eating because you are bored.

Follow a schedule and take care of your cravings healthily. Make sure you try making these snacks at home.

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Nmami Agarwal

Founder, Nmami Life

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