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Ensuring Top Notch Wellbeing Of Employees The pandemic not only affected the health and well-being of the children and families, it also resulted in economic recessions that further amplified mental health disorders

By Vikas D. Nahar

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December 27, 2019 was when the first case of the pandemic outbreak was filed and reported in Wuhan, China and ever since it has continued to invite a sundry of variants at regular intervals resulting in a stressful environment and deaths across the globe.

The pandemic not only tampered with everyone's current standard of living but it also intensified the financial pressure and left everyone feeling unpleasant and isolated. The idea of zero social life and being caged within the four walls of one's house gave birth to the feeling of anxiety, stress, fear amongst humans and also negatively impacted their experience of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

People across the globe may have found a way to still carry on with their professional and personal lives with the help of the Internet and through digital platforms, however the same couldn't address the mental breakdowns and disorders one went through during times like these.

The Internet and digital platforms helped to a certain extent with the global assistance in connectivity, where people got a chance to connect with their near and dear ones and check on them and ensure their safety. However, the same couldn't suffice all of the troubles caused by the global pandemic.

The pandemic not only affected the health and well-being of the children and families, it also resulted in economic recessions that further amplified mental health disorders resulting in a higher suicide rate and lower self-esteem within the people. In fact, it was during the pandemic where adults with no job or shrunken income were reported with a higher rate of mental illness symptoms.

On a professional note, the pandemic invited unprecedented challenges and which also encouraged organizations to reimagine their working behaviors while adopting different measures in order to further create a safer and a far more productive professional environment for everyone across the world.

Some of the measures adopted by businesses across industries included:

Businesses emerged with policies to address the COVID-19 Pandemic: Leaders and professionals have vowed to contribute their skill sets and introduce policies and resources in order to address the pandemic while also promoting recovery.

Leaders created a COVID-19 team within all businesses to monitor and respond to the daily developments caused by the pandemic: With onboarding a team that is active 24*7 to serve the daily developments, workplaces can not only function efficiently but also can generate more productivity irrespective of the global pandemic.

Professionals trained their employees to mitigate the effects of the pandemic: Professionals and business leaders began upskilling their workforce to drive value to their relative businesses.

Brands and enterprises expanded their digital workforce across industries: The pandemic disabled physical distraction through digitization. Enterprises across the globe reinvented working patterns with a strategic workforce planning to raise the productivity levels at an economical cost.

Entrepreneurs and leaders noticed and acknowledged the importance of mental health and taking measures to spread awareness about the same: While measures were taken to ensure the productivity levels remain untampered with, employers are also ensuring and prioritizing health above everything. Relative measures are taken to ensure every employee enjoys a happy mind and healthier self. With the help of team meetings, motivational quotes, posters and so on, a constant message is being delivered to the employees to take care of themselves and to prioritize their well-being.

Professionals connected everyday through digital platforms and special measures were adopted for the victims of the pandemic: Leaders are adopting a broad up skilling agenda that can enhance their employees' digital knowledge, their rational thinking and also adaptability skills. The above-mentioned measures when adopted by enterprises and business modules can ensure a successful business model while diminishing any scope of workforce disruption.

The importance and need of employee health cannot be emphasized enough. It is essential and the need of the hour! And it goes beyond everyday relaxed business operations. Equal importance needs to be laid on the mental and physical health of the employees in order to create an efficient working environment that not only enhances the business growth and development but also ensures personal growth for employees across all industries.

The pandemic has had both short term as well as long term mental health implications that can outlast the physical implications and as policy makers continue to build strategies to alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's essential to place attention to mental health problems, uninterruptedly.

Vikas D. Nahar

Founder, Happilo

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