How is Cleanliness and Efficient Work Related? When everyone in the company starts to realize the advantages of a clean workplace, housekeeping will become a company passion

By Aurodeepa Rath

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Not only does the standard of cleaning impact productivity, it also contributes to the general satisfaction of employees. Employees are better engaged when their office is maintained with a professional standard of hygiene. With more inventions and industrialization, there has been a significant rise in new kinds of outbreaks too and we want to ensure that office spaces are safeguarded from the same. One must be mentally stress-free and 100 per cent confident, while at work.

People often relate hygiene and cleanliness as one; however, cleanliness simply does not define hygiene. In other words, an office can be visibly clean and might still be prone to cross-contamination, simply due to lack of awareness of the housekeeping staff. When the office environment is actually clean, your efficiency will increase because then everything works just the way it should, contributing to better results. And work satisfaction is, after all, a function of an optimum and ever improving productivity.

Cleaning should not just be considered as a chore or an expense but more like a feature which adds value to a brand's stance. Good upkeep never goes out of fashion, in addition to the health and comfort benefits it leads to.

Health and Safety:

One of the obvious benefits of having a clean workplace is the sustainability aspect. This means healthier employees, fewer sick days and sustained proactivity levels.

When people think of sanitation, the bathroom is likely the first place to come to your mind. However, there are other areas that can breed germs just as easily. Doors and other surfaces in high traffic areas will see plenty of hands daily, meaning lots of germ buildup with plenty of exposure to employees. Desks, phone receivers, and computer keyboards also tend to be breeding grounds for microorganisms, even the pantry if not maintained time and again—in fact, they can actually be more vulnerable than toilets. Safeguarding all these areas is vital to a healthy workforce.


The Science behind cleaning and hygiene is also an important thing to consider. A smartly designed cleaning process will amount to minimal disturbance or downtime to any designated function. It reduces likelihood of mistakes and skipped steps, which is important when it comes to maximizing the efficacy of a maintenance routine.

In a well-managed facility, employees get the benefit of an office that conforms to their roles, and this enhances the productivity in many ways.

When everyone in the company starts to realize the advantages of a clean workplace, housekeeping will become a company passion. The rise in productivity that accompanies a clean office is amazing. Any company that is looking for an easy way to gain an advantage in the competitive business world should encourage workplace cleanliness for maximum productivity.

Aurodeepa Rath

Marketing | Assistant Manager at Diversey India Hygiene Pvt Ltd

A marketing communication professional with years of experience in brand building, advertisement andbusiness development.

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