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These Female Fitness Trainers Have Proved How Career in the Field Can be Lucrative The growing demand to stay fit and healthy has given birth to various gymnasiums, fitness clubs

By Madhusree Chowdhury

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Today, everybody wants to remain fit and lead a healthy life. People are no longer ready to lead a life with obesity.

Fitting in those old, sleek jeans and top is the motto most are possessed with. But getting back in shape in reality and just having the desire is way too different. Due to the busy lifestyle that one leads today, hardly there is time to contribute to fitness classes.

Rather, it would be right to say, people are too lazy to get up from the bed early morning and take a note of the health regime. Lack of physical fitness, on the other hand, welcomes a lot of health issues with high blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood sugar being in the prime positions. As per reports, over 80% people around the world are affected by these health disorders, which can be maintained at a normal pace only through exercises.

The growing demand to stay fit and healthy has given birth to various gymnasiums, fitness clubs. A growing tribe of personal fitness trainers is aiding the health-conscious people in getting back that perfect shape.

Though this industry was primarily dominated by men, today women, too, are nowhere behind. And the clientele? Well that includes working women and also house wives. Special fitness regimes are planned for each one, keeping their specific health concerns in mind.

Prominent Female Fitness Trainers in India

The desire to stay fit and healthy comes from within. However, the need of someone who can act as the motivation and inspire a person to work hard, to achieve their desire always prevails. Taking into consideration this need, here are some female fitness trainers offering commendable service:

1. Yashmeen Manak

She is a Rebook-certified Aerobics instructor, strength athlete, fitness consultant, and trainer, and also the owner of the "SCULPT Gym'. Manak is also the winner of Gladrags Mrs India Best Figure award. Her clientele includes people interested in body building, aspiring models and athletes. Apart from this, she also instructs working professionals and those suffering from asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, joint problems, lower-back pain, post and pre-natal cases and others. Her workouts are truly inspiring and can help you a lot to have a fit and healthy body.

2. Yasmin Karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala's Instagram account is something you need to follow if you are too lazy to spend some time exercising to stay fit. Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Katrine Kaif are some of her clients. Not to be overlooked, she is the owner of Body Image and the author of "Sculpt and Shape'. Her profile is higher one which has got the description of all the exercises she does along with her celebrity clients to help you take the same up and stay in shape.

3. Deepika Mehta

Yoga coach Deepika Mehta has a history that is inspiring in itself. This "Yoga City'-fame, young lady has a near-death experience while climbing a rock and the doctors had given up any chances of her to walk again. Well, no obstacles could deter her from her enthusiasm and spirit for life and it is yoga that she found to get back to normal life. She posts various poses and routine yogas on her Instagram profile, which is hence a must-visit if you want to stay healthy.

4. Shweta Mehta

Shweta Mehta is a popular bikini athlete who has won various awards and titles for her inspirational and effective workouts. Bikini Athlete refers to those who combine figure with fitness. Being the "Jerai Women's Physique 2016' winner, Shweta owns the talent of making the boring workouts fulfilled.

5. Sonali Swami

Muscle Mania India and Fit Factor winner Sonali Swami is a "hot mummy'. No doubt that the mother of two is also a Kathak enthusiast besides having a passion for body building and fitness. Her no makeup- no nonsense picture showcase her carved body. The dedication and love that she renders to both her professional and personal life is something worth applauding.

Excel as a fitness trainer

Staying in touch with a female fitness trainer is the best thing for a woman, willing to have a fit and healthy body. Well, this association doesn't always need to be personal. Even regular fitness and diet chart updates in your blog can help you attain a name in this industry but do make sure they are 100% effective. A career in this industry is surely regarded as a bright one with the reason being no one ever willing to give up their desire for leading and fit and healthy life.

Madhusree Chowdhury

Freelance writer

Madhusree Chowdhury is a freelance writer on health and wellness for
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