Here is a Color Therapy Guide for Every Entrepreneur to Follow

Colours can be a unique channel to communicate the exceptional identity of your brand & products, helpings to grow your business

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The Journey with Colours can be a life-transforming experience in itself. Each of the colour in the spectrum reveals volumes of energy stored in it that not only helps to transform & enlighten our lives but also impacts our psyche, emotions & overall wellbeing. They help us to get acquainted with our innermost self & bring out the hidden expressions that were untouched otherwise.

Business is not only dependent on its nature but equally on the personal and charisma of the Entrepreneurs and the dynamics of their environment.

According to the ancient science of Vaastu, the colours can be a unique channel to communicate the exceptional identity of your Brand & Products, helpings to grow your business & at the same strengthen client Loyalty, attracting new opportunities, enhancing business relations, boosting success & profit by improving the overall quality and brand awareness.

Let us have a look at the various shades & selection of perfect colours for different professions which can make their business & personality shine.

Entrepreneurs opening (start-up) 1st venture of a kind: A brand new business of any kind always needs a rock solid & firm grounding for establishing stability in its work environment. RED & GREEN is highly recommended as Red is considered to be very auspicious for a new beginning & Green helps in balancing and growth. Using tones of Red with 30 % of some other colour can be considered good for the overall branding stationary like visiting cards, collaterals & creatives etc for bringing in luck & blessings.

Green is momentous for money as it connects with the earthy energies. One can place a Green Bamboo Plant in the South East Zone of their workplace for enhancing money and wealth. Also placing a Four leaf clover plant near the main entrance door is considered to be very lucky.

For Arts Entrepreneurs: Interior designer studios or offices related to creativity and art, must keep interiors orange with tinges of green. Orange is a symbol of creativity. It is associated with Sunshine. Placing a picture of a Rising Sun in the East of the workplace helps to bring luck, fortune and travel opportunities.

For Writers, Trainers and Coaches: Turquoise & Light Blue colours help to build clarity and promotes effective communications in writing and speaking which is vital for a Writer, Trainer or a Coach. Wearing a Blue or Turquoise coloured scarf / tie around the neck during important meetings/events can help to activate one's throat chakra that can help them to speak up fearlessly and express their thoughts powerfully.

For Beauty Entrepreneurs– Pink is associated with the planet Venus which represents Beauty, Glamour & Luxury. Various shades of Pink, Magenta, and Fuchsia etc added with a tinge of Gold helps to attract Name, Fame and Power to one's personality & Products. Pink / Red Roses in the South East Corner of the workplace in a golden coloured Vase for manifesting fame & fortune.

For Healers and Spiritualists: Purple colour represents the highest form of spirituality and it is also the colour of one's crown chakra that represents universal brotherhood and is substantial for building up great relationships in life as well. White denotes peace and tranquillity which is best for healing therapies. Burning Lavender aromatic oil in a diffuser at work one's healing centre helps to promote wellbeing and restoring vitality.
Ashna Ddhannak

Founder - Enlightening Lifestyle

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