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This Writer Stimulates Emotions Through His vivid Explanation Of Everyday Experience Mark van Stratum shares his inspiring life story which nudged him to become a successful author

By Parwinder Singh

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Mark van Stratum

Mark van Stratum is an author based in Lisbon, Portugal. After publishing a successful book named Drug of choice in the year 2017, he is now edging towards the launch of his 2nd book. Many of us witnessed the beauty of his debut book and yet again, we are in a total trance waiting to grab the first copy of his upcoming novel- Alpha seed Beta need. His stories leave an effect of an immediate rush due to the engaging plot and a unique approach to understanding the human psyche. Through his book, Mark explores different genres and brings about a legendary tale incorporating a serene mixture of all. Additionally, his writing involves relevant subjects which are directly connected to human experience.

Being a precocious child, Mark was always inclined towards the art of writing, but due to his life struggles, he remained detached from the same until his early 20s. Various life events altered the trajectory of his life, leaving him in a constant dilemma. From a very early age, he was exposed to social disparities and judgments, since as a 5 years old kid, he lost his arm which attracted bullying from teachers and peers, creating an atmosphere of self-pity and anxiety. He was dragged into crimes and drugs even though he knew it wasn't the right way. Later to get out of the vicious cycle, he left the country and took a job as a dating coach. Thereafter, he met numerous influential individuals who guided him towards e-commerce and marketing. Adapting to the online culture, he started his own company, which specialized in marketing on online platforms.

Being a writer, Mark tries to stimulate emotions through his vivid explanation of everyday experience. His writing is composed of intimate human relations infused with bits of fragments that can potentially trigger distinct effects. He strives to bring a positive impact on the lives of his readers, by sharing his journey of overcoming struggles.

"If you change your behavior, you'll change your results." While sharing this quote from his debut book, Mark explains his battle with unfairness and brutal experiences. He realized that his reaction was the reason behind his unhappiness and consecutive setbacks. He somehow decided to change his perception towards things that are bound to happen, and live life vivaciously.

Mark would be addressing key subjects to decipher the components of psychology which include, business, inter-gender dynamics, and many others through his writing. The book would be out by September 2021.

Parwinder Singh

Growth Consultant

'Parwinder Singh, known as 'ProSingh' is a growth consultant for millennial age startups, specializing in the digital arena.
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