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Why Do you Need a Luxury Image Consultant? Image consultants help boost up people's self esteem and guide them how to be perfect in all aspects of life

By Monica Garg

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Word Luxury comes from Latin Word "Luxus' which means grow excess.

Image Consultant is the one who specializes in Grooming, Fashion, Styling and Accessories, a verbal and non-verbal communication skill that includes body language, etiquette, life skills, behavior and public speaking. In this fast changing era, where competition is rapidly increasing, image consultants help everyone to achieve new look not only in social life but also in professional life. Basically, they help boost up the self esteem of people and guide them how to be perfect in all aspects of life. Luxury is about exclusivity and luxury Image consultants customize special wardrobe, accessories for the globally elite people. They can help top notch businessmen or high level executives to project the image according to their work and lifestyle.

The Luxury Image Consultant has different roles to play. We have listed below a few:

Luxury Individual Consultants

With good income and high standard of living, the growing middle class India is buying more luxury goods and services. Hence to go for the right kind of luxury items these luxury consumers need to continually upgrade themselves with the knowledge of premium and luxury goods. Here comes the need for a well trained and skillful Luxury Image Consultant. Luxury Image Consultants are trained with the knowledge of various premium and luxury brands. They can work as personal shoppers, luxury wedding consultants and celebrity stylists.

Luxury Wedding Consultants

In Luxury Weddings, people may like to create trousseau with international premium and luxury brands. A luxury wedding consultant can guide what brands can suit particular person according to their fashion personality and also can give bridal consultancy. Fashion personality is a concept which enables individual to create style and build wardrobe which is right for them.

Luxury Celebrity Consultants

For celebrities, the luxury image consultant acts as the one who guides them and suggests about the kind of luxury items and luxury brands they should go for such as luxury watches, jewelry, luxury travel, luxury wines, luxury cars etc. They suggest them luxury brand according to their fashion style and body shapes, they also travel with them to fashion cities of the world, to help them to add luxury in their lifestyles as per growing economy & luxury trends coming up.

Luxury Brand Consultants

An Individual fashion style encompasses of their personality, performance & goals, lifestyle & physical characteristic. Some styles are elegant, traditional, sporty, dramatic & romantic. Individuals should buy fashion brands according to their fashion personality. Each brand has a personality of its own & suits particular kind of personality. LV Classic and traditional Versace are dramatic and Armani is sporty, Channel is elegant and dramatic. Luxury image consultants help us set up whole new wardrobe as per the above personality traits and choose the right kind of brand.

Corporate Stylist

Luxury Image Consultants can style higher position professionals, CEO, Director and owners of the company as they need to maintain their image. Their image is perceived by what they wear. While going for high end deals or for international savoir vivre, these consultants are of great help to these high personals as the consultants are up to date about the worldwide corporate culture which helps them to suggest the best corporate dress code, work etiquettes etc.

Political Stylist

Now a day's politicians also have to do international meetings, and their attire reflects their personality. They have to meet ambassadors of different countries so they should be aware of international cultures, traditions, greetings, dress code as per the occasion and meetings etc.

Travel Consultants

Luxury Consultants can work as luxury travel consultants as well. Travel consultants can be hired by high income group individuals, upper class families, bride and grooms to plan their wedding abroad, honeymoon couples and so on. As they are aware of various luxury hotels, cruises, yatch, and private jets for special occasions, they suggest the best option and plan out the travel itinerary for the customers in the best possible way. The travel consultants can help to plan their travel wardrobe and guide them about their shopping plans for various countries. They have the knowledge of each city, the best place or street for shopping, the best restaurants and the best brands as per each individual's budget, taste and personality.

Monica Garg

Founder & Chairperson, La Femme Privee and Director, International Luxury Academy (ILA)

Monica Garg, Founder & Chairperson, La Femme Privee and Director, International Luxury Academy (ILA), after creating Luxury Image Consultants in India, is aiming to empower women entrepreneurs to take their businesses and lives to next level by granting them, unique networking opportunities.

Monica Garg, Director, International Luxury Academy (ILA), an Academy offering Luxury Image Consultant, herself is trained in image, style, fashion, color and etiquette by several certified image masters of the world, viz., the Sterling Style Academy, New York; fashion style from Dublin; is a certified trainer from the Etiquette School of Manhattan (New York); possesses certification from Villa Perrifeu Montreaux Switzerland specializing in image enhancement for women, etc. Above all this, she is also a certified trainer in Luxury Brand Management from London. She has conducted various workshops in New York & China, therefore has a great awareness and vision on the fashion and lifestyle industry.
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