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5 Tips That Will Help in Marketing a Jewellery Brand Online A Great way to market any brand is by adopting influencer marketing

By Aakash Barmecha

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India is getting into digital space at a rapid rate and the growth of online retail is touching the skies. Many businesses have engaged themselves into the precinct of digital, by starting their own online websites it's and marketing on the various digital platforms. Online is becoming a boon for various small to big business coming from different sectors. Right from fashion to lifestyle, home d?cor to buying a car. Talking about the jewellery sector, it's important to market yourself on online platforms to bridge the gap between the customers and the brand. It's important how you market yourself differently in the huge market and stand out. For your customer who is digitally inclined, how would you make a mark for your brand name? Marketing your jewellery business can be fun. It allows you to play with creative ideas for spreading out word of mouth on what the brand has to offer.

Given below are five tips to market a jewellery brand online:


First and foremost, to market any brand online, one needs to have an official website under their brand name wherein they can show their collection, talk about themselves, where they can be found. Through the website, one can get a complete idea of the brand image, the product details, and the genuineness of the brand.

Build a Blog Page:

Once a website is ready, start building a blog where one can see the different collections you have to offer. Write a blog with all the details, including how it is made, what material is used, the content details, how it was manufactured, describing the design concept. With the help of a blog, people will start developing connect with the brand as it provides in-depth knowledge of the jewellery they want to buy. There's a transparency between the consumer and the brand.

Social Media Ads:

To get your presence right on the online platform, it's necessary to have a social media presence. In the world of online retail, social media plays an important role. Having social media ads on different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and many more, helps the brand in increasing the brand visibility. Social Media ads help in targeting the right audience with the right product, at the right time. It can be a great platform for a jewellery brand, as they can target the right people who are actually potential customers and build the brand awareness.

Launching a New Collection Campaign Online:

Launching a new campaign through online is becoming a trend. Ditching the old rule of advertising, marketing the new collection at a lower cost is helping the brand to reach the right audience and creating an impact. People are very much into social buzz, and brands have inculcated that with their recent campaigns. Launching campaigns on social media platform in the form of short videos, gifs is a new way to attract the viewers and cater larger brand awareness. It helps marketing the brand on a larger platform but at a minimal cost of advertising.

Collaborating With an Influencer:

A Great way to market any brand is by adopting influencer marketing. Collaborating with an influencer from the field of fashion bloggers, social media influencers, digital influencers, is becoming a boom in the marketing industry. Influencer marketing is helping the brand to reach the masses and educating them about the brand and what it has to offer in a very simple yet effective way. A jewellery brand can collaborate with such bloggers and help them spread the word of mouth. As jewellery is something that people are cautious about, they don't trust just any brand that easily. The Influencer helps to influence one's perception about the brand.

Aakash Barmecha

Creative Director and Designer, Yoube Jewellery


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