Position Yourself as a Pro Worth Knowing on Social Media

Use these simple tips when connecting online and build a community that remembers your name.

Rich Perry

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5 Last-Minute Ideas for a Successful Small Business Saturday

It's not too late to make this Small Business Saturday a success for your business.

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VIDEO: The chlorine commercial that went viral on TikTok for its terrifying recommendations

We can only say that the 60s in Mexico were rare times for advertising.

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Your Data-Driven Marketing Is Harmful. I Should Know: I Ran Marketing at Google and Instagram

Numbers can provide great insight, sure. But human connection is still key.

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Healthtech is the New Healthcare

How the leading digital health businesses are marketing during COVID-19.

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10 Marketing Skills You Can Start Learning Now For Less Than $20, Black Friday Sale

Grow your business and side hustle with these digital marketing skills at Black Friday prices.

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Attention Brands: Kindness Sells

Consumers show increased loyalty to brands that are actively engaged in doing good for the world.

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Three Branding Assumptions to Avoid

It's critical to understand the realities of effective branding so that brand design and success can be developed based on the target market rather than assumptions. 

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3 Vital Marketing Strategies Businesses Should Adopt Post-Covid

As we look ahead to a post-Covid world, it will be wise to re-think our marketing machinery

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The First TikToker to Reach 100 Million Followers Is Just 16 Years Old

Charli d'Amelio became popular for her dance videos, but in recent weeks she lost a million followers for taunting a chef.

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How to Implement Pay-Per-Click the Right Way

Follow these steps and watch sales grow.

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