The difference between convincing and inspiring

The discovery of fire alienated human beings from their animal condition, but it was language that humanized us as a species, as a social group.

Marta Ro

Create catalogs with WhatsApp Business and sell more this Christmas

The function that allows you to share your products and services on WhatsApp without having to send them one by one separately is now available. With Catalogs you can highlight images, prices and descriptions so that your clients know them. Take advantage of it this season.

These are the 3 dates between the 'Guadalupe - Reyes' in which you can sell more

The holiday season is key for businesses and shops, but its potential is not limited to the New Year's Eve parties. We tell you how to take advantage of the Sales Seasons as well.


8 Key Performance Indicators for PR -- What Really Matters?

There's no gold standard for tracking and measuring PR success, but these KPIs can paint a clearer picture of a campaign's results.

April Margulies

Maximize Marketing and Communication Strategies With the Largest Generation on the Planet

Gen Zers have over 140 billion dollars of spending power, along with an ability to influence others and spread information quickly.

Joey Hodges

How to Increase User Empathy and Build Better Products

Live your customer's experience to ensure you're putting out valuable products that continue to deliver.

Lisa Dziuba

Should You Simply Ignore Keywords When Writing Content for SEO?

Ranking for target keywords isn't nearly as straightforward or easy. So should target keywords disappear from your campaign altogether?

Timothy Carter

The Lucky 7 Steps to Channel Sales Success

Launching a channel sales program can help you accelerate your revenue growth. This article will help you learn how best to set up a channel sales program by tapping into the large customer bases of third party business partners. Think of it as "one-to-many" selling, as opposed to the "one-to-one" efforts most inside salespeople pursue.

George Deeb

5 Marketing Trends E-Commerce Business Owners Shouldn't Miss

Take your e-commerce business to the next level by ramping up your marketing efforts. It's not enough to have a great product and positive reviews. To expand your customer base and get in front of the right consumers, you need to be proactive and promote your business across many channels. Meet your customers and prospective customers where they are: online.

Thomas Smale

3 Types of Reward Programs Every Retail Brand Should Know About

Retailers must be three steps ahead in this fast-moving market.

Jordan Glazier

What Are Backlinks and Why Do You Need Them for Your SEO?

If you're new to SEO, you're probably wondering about backlinks.

Nick Chernets