Summit Ghimire

Entrepreneur Leadership Network® Contributor
Founder & Head of SEO at Outpace


Summit Ghimire is the founder and head of SEO at Outpace. He has experience optimizing websites for both small and enterprise businesses. His passion for SEO and conversion-rate optimization comes from successful campaigns working with hundreds of clients across verticals.

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Growing a Business

Want to Boost Your Company's Search Ranking? Try This Google-Recommended Website Structure

Follow these simple steps to increase your search ranking, make users spend more time on your site and make them come back for more in the future.


Five Coaching Techniques to Level Up Your Leadership Style

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to leading your company and developing your employees into effective leaders. However, if you're looking for a place to start, harnessing these coaching principles and techniques in your communication and mentorship can help you achieve those goals.


Everyone Talks About Mentors. But What About Sponsors? Here's How They Differ — and Why You Need Both

Sponsorship and mentorship may sound the same, but they have different benefits and should not be carried out in isolation. Within a business, the only truly effective way to implement these processes is to see them as two parts of a cycle that should repeat continually.


Esta es la combinación de SEO que necesitas para vencer al algoritmo de Google

Para obtener una presencia en línea que brinde resultados y altas clasificaciones a largo plazo, crea una estrategia que se centre en combinar las mejores prácticas de SEO y las directrices de E-A-T (Experiencia, Autoridad, Confianza) — aquí te decimos cómo.

Growing a Business

Here's the SEO Combination You Need to Win Google's Algorithm

For an online presence that delivers results and high rankings long term, create a strategy that focuses on combining SEO best practices and E-E-A-T guidelines — here's how.

Growing a Business

What Really Makes Up the Heart of Your Brand? Your Employees. Here's How.

Employees play a pivotal role as the backbone of an SMB's brand. This is how you can — and should — build your brand from within.

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