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Your marketing strategy can make or break your business. Here, discover tips for success when it comes to brand identity, customer engagement, social media presence and more.

Starting a Business

The Best Way to Distribute Your Press Releases — PR Firm or Cheap Wire Service?

A press release is a press release, right? Wrong. For this critical asset that announces something vital about you or your business, you should know the differences between going the professional route and taking a lower-cost but usually less effective approach.


5 Pervasive Myths About Email Marketing That (If Believed) Could Derail Your Business

Is email marketing worth it anymore? Time to debunk the biggest myths and set the record straight.


How to Text Customers Without Getting Sued — Your SMS Marketing Compliance Guide

SMS marketing is a growing channel, but you've got to stay compliant with regulations. Here's what to know and do.

Science & Technology

Stop Overwhelming Your Online Customers With Information Overload — Hook Them In By Revamping Your Website In This Way.

Progressive disclosure is a way to strategically release and relay critical information throughout the customer journey. This is an important consideration when creating or revising a website to create an optimal user experience.

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Starting a Business

The One Secret Ingredient That Turned This Healthy Chocolate Bar Into a Breakout Success

In a crowded market, Mid-Day Squares has discovered a superpower to help it stand out.


Here Are the SEO Metrics That Matter in 2024

Explore the crucial SEO metrics for 2024 that every digital marketer needs to focus on for enhanced search engine visibility and performance.

Social Media

The Do's & Don'ts of Attention-Worthy Social Media Posts

Just because "everybody's doing it" doesn't mean everybody's doing it right. Here are some tips on best practices for your social media content.


Transform Your Business and Maximize Profits by Focusing on This Customer Retention Factor

The traditional method of judging success — ever-growing year-over-year sales increases — is antiquated. What matters more is Guest Lifetime Value, the amount of repeat business from loyal customers who visit more often and order more with no additional cost to the franchisee.


4 Unconventional Marketing Campaigns That Demanded Media Attention — and What Your Brand Can Learn From Them

Unconventional marketing campaigns can generate significant media buzz and public interest, often surpassing the impact of traditional strategies. By leveraging creativity and unique approaches, brands can captivate audiences and keep conversations going long after the campaigns have ended.


Your Customers Won't Trust You Unless You Embrace These 5 Strategies

Starting with a base of trustworthiness, truthfulness, and moral principles will attract people to your brand and encourage them to become dedicated, loyal customers for the long haul.


Four Tried-and-True Ways to Better Market Your Business

With all the technology we have today, there are quite a few marketing channels business owners can leverage — but let's take a closer look at a few that work best.


5 SEO Techniques to Help Your SaaS Business Rank in 2024

Discover five game-changing SEO techniques that can help you rely less on paid ads and cut down your customer acquisition costs.

Growing a Business

New York News Anchor Rosanna Scotto and Her Daughter Jenna Ruggiero Share the Secret of Running a Successful Family Business

Fresco by Scotto restaurant co-owners Rosanna Scotto and Jenna Ruggiero break down their family's business, how they use social media, and the impact of their philanthropic efforts.


Your Franchise Marketing Needs This Secret Weapon to Captivate and Convert

Storytelling triggers the release of oxytocin, a hormone associated with empathy and trust, fostering a deeper emotional connection with the brand. Let's dive into that.

Growing a Business

Free Webinar | July 10: How to Get Your Products Sold in Stores

Join Ross MacKay, co-founder of Daring and founder of Cadence, as he shares his expertise on successfully getting your products onto store shelves. With experience in placing products in over 40,000 stores nationwide, Ross will provide actionable insights on creating a demand-driven brand from the start.