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Your marketing strategy can make or break your business. Here, discover tips for success when it comes to brand identity, customer engagement, social media presence and more.

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Japan Is Asking Young Adults To Drink More To Support the Country's Alcohol Businesses

Young people in Japan are drinking less than in previous generations and the government misses the sales tax.

Gabrielle Bienasz

How to Use Storytelling to Increases Customer Engagement

Authentic stories connect with their audiences emotionally and intensely. More than most other marketing strategies, they engage consumers and maintain customer loyalty over the long term.

Jessica Wong

The Sales Game Has Changed. Here's How to Keep Up.

The game has changed. The modern sales process begins with new marketing strategies that can help develop leads before your sales team gets involved.

Tesla's Cybertruck Will Cost More Than Originally Planned

You're going to have to wait until 2023 for Cybertruck, and it might not be as cheap as originally announced.

Gabrielle Bienasz

Owning Your Customer Data Is the Key to Profitability. Here's Why.

In the age of information, owning consumer data can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Stephen Gould

Should Your Startup Consider Advertising on TV?

TV advertising may not carry the same weight it did years ago, but does that mean we should give it up altogether? Not really — and here's why.

Matthew Nunn

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Performance as an Entrepreneur

If you want to be a top performer and focus on what's important for your business, you need to develop strong habits. Here's how.

James Blake

'It Just Seems Really Unethical': Amazon Adds Holiday Surcharge For Sellers

Amazon is adding about a 35-cent per product surcharge for the holiday season, another strain on sellers.

Gabrielle Bienasz

How to Make Your Marketing Less Cringeworthy and More Authentic

Companies are needing to completely re-shift their marketing strategy to win customers' trust. Here are a few ways businesses can show authenticity in their marketing.