Julie Lokun, JD

Julie Lokun, JD

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Contributor
Founder Of The Mediacasters

Julie Lokun, JD, is the founder of The Mediacasters, a mission-based company that elevates the visibility of entrepreneurs and creatives through podcasting, publishing, and public speaking. Julie is the author of 4 best-selling entrepreneurial books and hosts three podcasts.


Social Media

6 Tips to Building Your Visibility on Social Audio

Social audio is a space for like-minded people looking for support and connection. Using social audio can transform your business and personal brand.


4 Leadership Lessons We Can Learn From Queen Elizabeth II

Entrepreneurs should exemplify the many leadership qualities displayed by the life of Queen Elizabeth II.

Social Media

5 Reasons All Entrepreneurs Need A Podcast Today

Podcasting will expose your brand and business to a larger audience than conventional advertising methods.

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