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5G And Cloud Services Can Change the Dynamics Of Enterprise The network and communications industry will be revolutionized with the upcoming 5G network as it will provide ultrafast transmission rates that are expected to be at least 100 times faster than the existing 4G

By Vidhu Nautiyal

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The upcoming 5G technology will bring about a drastic change in the cloud services offered by virtual network operators and therefore will affect change industries from multiple sectors communicate both internally and externally. The entire process will be transformed and optimized to operate at advanced speeds leveraging the 5G network.

The network and communications industry will be revolutionized with the upcoming 5G network as it will provide ultrafast transmission rates that are expected to be at least 100 times faster than the existing 4G.

Sectors such as healthcare, automotive, smart homes, smart cities and beyond the 5G features will completely change the landscape supporting applications that 4G could not handle. As per a recent report by Ericsson Mobility, there will be 1 billion 5G subscriptions, accounting for nearly 20 per cent of the entire mobile data traffic by 2023.

For both tech and non-tech industries, shifting to cloud services will be almost essential to be able to compete with the industry peers. To state an example device that lack storage usually rely on synced devices will be able to function independently with the aid of the cloud via 5G's low latency.

It opens a number of avenues for communications cloud hosting, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and other 5G-beneficial applications. Making it a welcoming force for both the cloud-dependent and independent industries. The fifth-generation technology will accelerate cloud business investment through its widespread application to a number of innovations. This will enable network carriers to provide competitive services, rendering non-cellular IoT network providers obsolete and unable to compete, and these innovations will open up new investment opportunities.

Ways in which 5G will change the dynamics of enterprise

Faster data transfers: This is one of the key advantages of using 5G technology. Cloud computing powered by 5G technology will facilitate real-time streaming of data. Giving a major boost to virtual business practices by supporting uninterrupted storage and enhancing productivity to a significant extent.

Streamlined operations with high speeds and reliability: In order to complete the shift to virtual or digital communications the 5G technology is crucial for transferring vast amounts of data from various sources in real-time.

It has importance in supply chain management and manufacturing industries where real-time data is integral to the smooth functioning of the entire business process driving the business's growth. The 5G tech can significantly lower the costs of data analytics and streamline industrial operations which can manage remote and varying workloads.

Enables edge computing with enhanced remote system performance: It allows for compensating for backhaul data latency associated with central data centres. Edge computing drives remote system performance by reducing bandwidth usage, and network congestion and processing larger volumes of data by localising data storage.

Enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities: There is also the added advantage of improved competence in artificial intelligence. Businesses would now be able to leverage these capabilities with the support of 5G and enrich the performance of these applications. It will help equip the cloud environment with the minimum level of data transmission to work efficiently.

Better security systems: There are advantages in security and data protection that can help avoid cyber-attacks. Enterprises will have the ability to recognize, prepare and prevent cyber-attacks and protect sensitive information from leaking out. Also, the remote working culture benefits from this added layer of security that is implemented to ensure a safe digital environment which is achieved with 5G-powered cloud computing.


The age of 5G networks will exponentially expand the potential and business significance of cloud services in various avenues. While cloud services have been instrumental in driving the digital era for businesses, the 5G networks will make the services even more proficient and enhanced. Businesses will be much more responsive and will be able to match real-time demands. It will make it essential for businesses to work with cloud providers to ensure maximum benefits of the new-age technology. In the 5G era telcos can no longer be the default connectivity providers. The fast move pace of allocating spectrums to enterprises instead of operators will fuel the demand in the next five years. The bottom line is that 5G coupled with cloud computing will bring more power to organizations. Just as cloud services levelled the playing field for startups giving them a decisive advantage the rise of 5G technology will commoditize what it takes to start and run a business. Companies will be virtualized in terms of employment, sales, and accounts. This way of business will become mainstream for organizations that want to be at the forefront and who would rather be disruptors than be disrupted.

Vidhu Nautiyal

Co-founder and chief revenue officer, CloudConnect Communications Pvt. Ltd


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